Word of the Day

When it popped up on my homeboypage this morning,

As Today’s Word of The Day,

I actually thought it was a late April Fool’s Day joke.

But apparently,

It’s just that …

For all these years,

I’ve been using this word incorrectly.

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  1. Hey Sharon … just been busy here. It’s been nuts. I’ll really try to improve. Sorry.

    Hey JC !!! Thanks for the request … I’ll pop out my Idol thoughts right now and post them before I head out to bwowling. My 24 review will come out later this week … are you into 24??? Jack kicked butt this week … did you know he can divide by zero ??? 🙂

  2. Oh, Amy … you are baaaaaad! Ah-hem, how have you been using “that” word? PS–You seem kinda quiet lately, is everything ok or just busy? Grins & a hug, Sharon

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