I’m Not THAT Funny

So I was talking with someone yesterday who hadn’t yet met me in girl mode …

And she said that the first time she sees me, she’ll laugh.

Not a nervous laughter mind you, but a funny laughter.

Ha Ha

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone laugh to my face before upon seeing me.

Oh sure,

There’s been the uncomfortable silence,

Nervous eye movement from left to right,

The “That’s Phucked Up” comments behind my back,

But never laughing at me because I looked funny.

It really felt weird hearing that someone would.

Oh well.

(Now, of course, by mentioning this, I expect that most everyone who has been covertly reading my website who hasn’t seen me in real life yet, upon someday seeing me, will totally laugh in my face … just to be goofballs, ya know. Heck, I sure would ! 🙂 )

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  1. Yea well, she’s gonna have a fucking COW when she sees that you look soo much hawter then then she does. Fuck her. No on second thought thats not a good idea… Fuck her boyfriend (bet she doesn’t have one!


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