Back From The Windy City

Hey all !! 🙂

Yes, I’m back !!!

Sworry about the non-postage the past few days …

I spent the weekend in Chicago on a Girl’s Weekend Out with some friends from the super-secret, member’s only, exclusive support forum for transsexuals on which I lurk …

And though I took my notebook with me and our room had wireless broadband access,

I just didn’t have the time to post a thing ! I have no idea why !!

Yeah, right, can you say alcohol? 🙂

Anyways, I’ve got a ton of posting on which to get caught with from the weekend … so stay tuned for:

-Reflections of my experience meeting some amazing people;
-My Blue Man Group review and reliving of my special, private moment with a Blue Man;
-Ideas from resourceful girls who are starved and thirsty for beers in times when all the restaurants at packed;
-Another show review … this time of the worst drag show I’ve ever seen (granted, I had never seen a drag show before, but I can say … I sure as hell don’t get what’s so entertaining about such things.)
-My play by play recap of how while drinking apple Martinis at a fun little bar sometime after 2:00 in the morning with Kenna and Laura, one of us ended up with some cute guy’s tongue in their ear while being groped to death; and,
-Many other fun and amusing experiences (well, at least fun and amusing to me :))

Oh yeah, and don’t let me forget to tell you about the surprise I received when I got back home. *shaking my head in disbelief*

Unfortunately, being the dedicated attorney slave that I am, I cut my weekend in Chitown short so I could return to town and accommodate various clients’ schedules and hold trial prep appointments on Memorial Day (yes pholks, we can only do so much … because in so many ways, I still don’t have a life !! :))

So until I get a chance to compose a real post (and hopefully receive some pictures from those this weekend that had cameras) …

Please be annoyed with the following useless quiz which I dug up for your reading disappontment ! 🙂


In all honesty, today … I think my eyes can best be described as bloodshot. 🙂

You are: Happy eyes! Your cheerful, bright and always want to try something new. You're inquisitive and quite lovable. You have many friends and will succeed in life.
You are: Happy eyes! You’re cheerful, bright and always want to try something new. You’re inquisitive and quite lovable. You have many friends and will succeed in life.

What type of eyes do you have?
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  1. No no no no noooooo !!! 🙂

    Not hit and run victims at all … I’m taking no responsibility for the fact that cute boy has a good taste gene deficit and chose to feel me up instead of you … I didn’t do anything other than sit there …

    However, I will fully acknowledge that Makenna totally saved my ass as I was trying to extract myself from his 8-arms … and that both her and Laura ran a perfect interference play so I could escape his horny clutches ! 🙂

  2. More like hit and run victims…

    He hit on me, and then…well…you have MOM to deal w2ith on this one, and I’m not saving your lucky ass this time…


  3. I’ve yet to draft out my take on the whole affair, but believe you me, when I tell mom what you did, is she gonna be pissed!

    All I know is…I have a slut bitch for a sister!…;-)

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