So … the court called and informed me that my criminal history check came back clean yesterday and I’m all set to proceed on my name change !! Yeah, I know … who wudda thunk with the collection of cohorts in my ensemble that I’d come back clean on my chc ?? whew !!! lol 🙂

So, now as soon as Shaft keeps his butt in town for a few days instead of traveling all over the state to watch his son play hooky hockey, we can walk ourselves over and I can become legal !! 🙂

Actually, the record clearance came back quicker than I expected. I’m really not quite prepared to make it official as I have some things I want to take care of and sign with the boy name yet. But still … I’m really, really excited about it and glad that I can take care it now whenever I feel like it !!! 🙂

[Editor’s Note: My home state requires a person to have their fingerprints taken and submitted to the state police and FBI for a criminal history search prior to doing anything with your name change petition other than just accepting it for filing. If any criminal record comes back in the search, you are presumed to be seeking a name change for fraudulent purposes and then have the burden to prove to the court otherwise at a hearing or you can just dismiss your application. If you come back clean, you can proceed as desired.]

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  1. That’s funny, I hear a lot of stuff too….
    sometimes just in my head

    The music in your head

    Do you ever hear the music in your head
    Can you hear it’s melody, can you hear it sing
    Follow it and live it now, whever it nay lead
    For it will bring you pleasures, like you have never seen

    copyright 1969 Yours Truly!

  2. i heard the fbi has a really smooth program to retrieve matching finger prints, but i hear a lot of stuff…

  3. Nice to hear you came back clean! I would hate to see you carted away, I would soooo miss your wit!

    I wonder if my fingerprints are still on file from my stint the service.

    btw, I am thinking low budget here..Anyone know if they do SRS at the VA Hospital? Just curious….

  4. I read somewhere a long time ago that the FBI keeps all the prints sent to it. How difficult it would be to find a match to them, if necessary, I’ve no idea.

  5. Well … in theory, if the criminal history check returns no convictions or pending charges, the state police copy of the prints are to be destroyed. Whether or not that really happens, who knows ! 🙂 As far as what happens to a copy sent to the FBI … the statute makes no reference to their destruction, so I’m guessing there’s a chance those are kept on file. It doesn’t really matter to me … I had to get fingerprinted as part of the state bar process and I think those are kept on file someplace. 🙂 It does sorta make one think though, doesn’t it ? 🙂

  6. If you had never had your fingerprints taken before, are they now on file? (Jeez, you’d not be able to get away with anything again! LOL)

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