Fraternity Row

When I returned home Sunday night from my weekend in Chicago …

I did what I usually do after being away for a few days,

I checked to see if my website had been defaced in any way,

And then checked my e-mail to see if I received anything hateful or interesting.

No defacing comments … Yay !! šŸ™‚

No hateful e-mail … Sweet !! šŸ™‚

But wait …

What’s that ???


Definitely an interesting e-mail.

Yuhp, I saw I had received an e-mail from a friend in my past.


I recognized his e-mail immediately …

One of my fraternity brothers.

Yes dear viewers,

Amy-wan Kenobi actually belonged to a fraternity.

I’m not about to mention the name,

No need to embarass them,

As at least some in the group are bound to be greatly bothered by actually having associated with someone who later turned out to be a transsexual.

However, collectively as a group …

My fraternity brothers were all really good guys.

Though as with any large group,

You tend to be closer to some than others.

And I associated more with brothers in my pledge class …

Along with the ones in the following pledge class,

Than I did with most of the rest.

And though I’ve often wondered about what has happened with the fraternity brothers I was close with …

I’ve maintained no contact with any of them since graduation.

I think the last fraternity brother I’ve seen was one that lived in my hometown and that was probably 15 years ago.

However, I have kept an eye open and an ear towards any news I might find of them …

Hoping good stuff has found its way to them …

As with any friend, you’d like that to happen.

Some have been easier to keep up with than others …

And the fraternity brother that sent me the e-mail was one that I always considered a friend,

He was in my pledge class, and

Has been somewhat easy for me to keep track of distantly over the years …

At least as far as his career goes.

So though surprising the living daylights out of me by e-mailing me,

He was someone I was just really glad to hear from period.

Though I had no clue how he’d react to finding out my function.

And I still don’t.

All I know is that he exhibited a helluva lot of class by sending me the e-mail he sent me in the first place.

It’s his e-mail, so I’m not about to share the contents of it …

But it was short, to the point and totally respectful.

Anyways, I sent him a response …

And since I sorta try to give examples of how I handle situatioooons from time to time …

I figured I’d share my response to him,

Safely edited of course.

If so interested, then …

Here it is:

Hi Kewl Fraternity Brother ! šŸ™‚

Thanks so much for the e-mail. It’s always nice to hear from a viewer, though I have to admit, it freaks me out when it’s an unexpected e-mail from someone I know in real life ! šŸ™‚ So yes, that was me, or is me, however you want to phrase it. šŸ™‚

I really appreciate the heads-up. It definitely caught me off guard to see an e-mail from you in my Inbox when I returned from a weekend trip away. I am glad it was you though, your e-mail was a very courteous gesture on your part and despite my shock hearing that the information has hit the rumor mill, it was definitely a pleasant surprise to hear from you.

I don’t remember the last time I spoke with anyone from The Name of My Fraternity Withheld Upon Request (Editor’s Note: It really isn’t being withheld upon request, it’s being withheld just out of respect), it must be something like 10 – 15 years. I am curious how you found my website or how it became a topic of conversation among the other guys … if you’re comfortable in sharing with me, I’d love to know. If not, I understand.

You can pretty much get the complete scoop on me at my website, but the quick summary is that I’m in the midst of transitioning from living as a male to living as a female. I currently live in “girl-mode” about 90% of the time, while still doing “boy-mode” on those times I’m with clients or when I’m in court. I hope to be 100% by the end of this June.

Though the answers to most of the questions you have can probably be found at my website someplace, if you want, please feel free to ask me any questions you might have … serious, funny, personal, embarassing … I don’t care, I’ll answer them if you ask.

I know one cannot “unring a bell”, so containing the gossip about this is not something that can be realistically expected, (heck, even I want to gossip about it at times :)), but I’d appreciate any efforts you or others are so inclined to extend to keep it amongst ourselves/people we know.

Again Kewl Fraternity Brother , thank you for the respect you’ve shown me by contacting me and letting me know people were talking. I really do appreciate it.

I hope all is well on your end and best for you always.

Super Secret Fraternity Closing,

P.S. Am I still allowed to use the Super Secret Fraternity Closing? šŸ™‚


I haven’t heard back from him yet. I’m not sure if I will. If experience is any indicator, then I probably won’t … I rarely get follow-up e-mails or contacts from the guy friends.

Tiger is a rare exception, as he checks in with me regularly, and

Dr. 172 pipes in from time to time as his schedule permits.

It’s really nice to hear from both,

And you know what …

We don’t only talk about my function.

We talk about all of our lives, what each of us has going on …

And that’s what’s kewl … just keeping up with friends ! šŸ™‚

So hopefully,

If the class he exhibited by contacting me in the friendly manner that he did is any indication,

I’ll hear back from him …

And we will talk about each of our lives,

What we each have going on …

And that will be kewl …

Just friends keeping up with friends ! šŸ™‚

Editor’s Note: Now I’m well aware there are other people who know me or think they know me out there who reading this krap I write. So come on … say ‘hola’ !! Send me an e-mail ! You know what I’ve been doing … let me know what you’ve been doing !! šŸ™‚

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  1. ROFLMAO Trust me, when I was telling Mom and Dad after I got back about what we did over the weekend … that litle barroom incident was totally omitted !! lol … I just got back in the office from court … I’ll finish up the post sometime today and get it up !! šŸ™‚

  2. Amy…

    Mom says you can’t go out tonight until you fess up to her about last weekend in Chicago. She also told Dad, and you know what happens when he gets mad.

    You are in sooo much trouble, you won’t be going out for a month!

    Your OLDER sis…

  3. Hey you nut !! I wasn’t talking about you !! LOL But ‘hola’ right back at ya ! šŸ™‚

    It’s Wednesday, you know what that means !! You better be joining us for beers tonight !! šŸ™‚

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