School’s Out

Today is the last day of school before summer break …

Well, actually the last day of bowling until we resume in September.

And it’s a total mix of emotions for me.

For so long, the end of this year’s bowling season was a pivotal date in my mind,

Because it was when I could stop switching between me and Joe mid-week.

It was one of my major roadblocks to moving on.

So I was really looking forward to summer break !! Woo hooo !! 🙂

But as summer break approached,

I began to feel sort of a dread, sorrow …

Because of its other implications.

Just like I really enjoyed my time in school (whatever, it’s been well established I was a dweeb geek) …

I have really looked forward to my Wednesday nights with The UnUsual Suspects.

Not so much for the actual school work or bowling …

But because of the friendship …


This year with The UnUsual Suspects has been one of my most memorable …

As it was the first where each and every one of them knew my function.

And their friendship and support has been beyond reproach.

I felt so much more comfortable with the new openness.

I think we’ve laughed harder and more often this year than any year prior …

While consuming increased quantities of alcohol. (Singer wasn’t pregnant this year, so she was back in consumption form; it was the first year that I was really comfortable consuming alcohol as my fear of slipping up the presentation effort was removed; and, we also added Miss Daisy to the band who individually consumes two Suspect’s worth of alcohol.)

Plus, with being the first year the either Singer or Hottie wasn’t president since our first year in the league,

We felt at liberty to be more ourselves and less concerned with making sure we sorta behaved so as to avoid people coming to Singer and Hottie and complaining about us.

Which meant … we were louder, edgier and much, much more entertaining that in prior years.

Oddly, our renewed sense of UnUsual Suspectness brought with it a new respect from others …

They wanted to be like us … “Can I join your team?” …

Was said often.

They were in awe of us … “The drunker they get, the better they bowl,

Was mentioned frequently (ahhh, except for the last six weeks when people just said “The drunker they get, ahhh, forget it“.)

They feared us … “I think they just said they have all taken off their underwear,

Was fortunately only said once.

Now just like with an approaching summer break …

We’re all going to say …

We intend to see each other during the summer.

With so much time off,

We’re bound to be able to still get together and play once a week.

But the reality is,

It’s not likely.

In earlier times, we had little league which meant we could see our classmates …

In our younger days, we had softball which brought us together at least weekly.

But as life now demands our time elsewhere,

In more places,

We’re just lucky to keep the bowling alive.

Last summer I saw Sister but once,

Hottie but a few times (and one of those times he didn’t even know it was me),

And Singer maybe a couple more.

We just don’t see either other during the summer much.

But there was always the next grade.

Hey … we’ll be back together again soon …

And we’ll be important next year …

Next year we’ll be in the 6th grade. 🙂

However, this time, I’ve got a much greater risk of not being back next year.

So many variables …

So many changes …

So much uncertainty.

Though we had planned and plotted on bwowling elsewhere next year …

Reality is …

Where we are now is where we belong.

It’s conveniently located midpoint for all of us,

The fact that we’ve been there, on that night and at that time for so long has made it very easy to continue fitting the occasion into each of our schedules, and …

We own the place.

Not literally, but let’s be real …

At that particular location,

We are the kewl kids.

And it’s always knice to be kewl,

We get away with stuff it’d take us days before we could get away with elsewhere. 🙂

So with Singer as next year’s Class President,

I know the rest of The UnUsual Suspects will be back there next year.

It’s the right thing to do.

But where I fit in …

I have yet no idea.

Honestly, though we all have the confidence and attitude to endure me returning next year as me,

It’d be uncomfortable and difficult for all of us in many respects.

With everyone else knowing my history there …

The rest of The UnUsual Suspects would experience what I experience every time I’m around people that know my past or have figured out my function …

The glances, the looks, the attitude, the whispers.

I have to endure it because it’s what I have to endure,

But it’s not something I really ever want anyone I care about to have to experience.

Because it makes you feel like shit.

And always throws a huge wet blanket on having any fun.

With each of us having limited opportunities to get out and have fun,

I would not be the friend I like to think I am if I didn’t recognize and consider the impact my attendance could have on their fun.

It’s the same reason why ANO’s are more frequent than GNO’s.

But what happens when September rolls around is not a concern right now,

Because tonight …

I’m not going with any sort of sadness at all,

As I’m totally looking forward to ending the season with the same laughs and fun we’ve shared the past 31 weeks.

This season has been incredibly special to me and has shown what special people I have in my life.

So to …



Sister, and

Miss Daisy …

Thanks for being the most amazing collection of friends one could have !!

You guys rock ! 🙂

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  1. Well… of course we rock!!!

    And Amy, you have only read volume one of me… you will have to bowl with us again next year to get to volumn two!

    And you know what? The first night will be tough for Amy there. The second week, that won’t be so bad … and week after week it will get better.

    Granted, there will be some people there that might have a harder time adjusting, but that’s their problem, not yours. If they can’t accept you, big deal. I can accept you, we all can and support you 100%!!!

  2. I agree, Amy’s friends, The Unusual Suspects, really rock!

    Thanks for being such kind, supportive friends to such a nice gal. We should all be so lucky as to have an Amy as our friend, our Unusual Suspect.

    Lisa iMom

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