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So … I’m going to see only the second play in my life.

Yeah, I know …

My past as a heterosexual boy is showing.

We all know that my first play was the most glorious play of all time, Mamma Mia. And that originally, I had purchased two tickets fully expecting to go see it by myself … nbd. However, at the time, Miss Daisy commented that he had seen Mamma Mia before and thought it was great !!! Sucker !! 🙂 Now being desperate girl that I am, I asked him to go with me … so we went and had an amazing time !! Or at least I did, which is really all that matters !! 🙂

Anyways … at that time, Miss Daisy mentioned to me that he absolutely loved the play Rent. I’m really not familiar with it at all, as it does not appear to have any music from the 80’s (for the record, my next must see is Movin’ Out). However, I think there’s some same-sex relationship themes in the play, as almost every gay or lesbian friend I have seems to consider it the play of all plays and can usually recite the lyrics to each and every one of its songs.

Soooo … a few weeks ago Miss Daisy e-mailed me a Ticketmaster link which reflected that Rent was coming to town.

And upon receiving the e-mail … I was like … Yippee !!!!

This is the first time a guy ever asked me to go do anything !!!

(Whatever !!! “Would you like to dance?“, “Would you like to go someplace more private?” or “Would you like to go back to my room?” simply do NOT count !!!)

Granted …

He’s a friend,

And he’s gay …

But still,

He’s a guy,

And he asked me to do something kinda like …


And he’s not going to expect me to put out !!

Wooo hoooo !!! 🙂

So there I was …

Tikka Tikka Tikka

Punching out my response to him …

What night do you want to go sweetie?

Now as soon as I punched SEND …

I realized something.

Ya know …

He really didn’t ASK me to go.

He simply sent me a link.

Maybe he was just informing me that HE was going to go.

Not necessarily inviting me to attend with him,

But just letting me know he was certainly going to go out …

With his man whore friends.

And that maybe I could find someone to go with me,

On my own.

But now …

With my response,

I might have sort of boxed him into feeling an obligation to let me go with him.

Jinkers …

I did it again …

I asked the boy out.

I’ve got to stop doing that !!

Oh well.

It worked. *shrug*

Miss Daisy got us two tickets … wooo hooo !!

And early enough such that we have good seats this time !!! 🙂

I asked him if he was going to ditch me at a straight bar after the play so that he could go gay bar hopping afterwards unimpeded …

But he said I could tag along for the entire night,

Even saying that he hoped Amanda and Nicole would be able to join us by then. (Yeah, Miss Daisy named my boobs Amanda and Nicole. I really, really like both names and thought about those for my real name, but since both names are already taken in my family … I guess naming my breasts such is the next best thing. On a related note, for being a gay dude, Miss Daisy certainly has a consuming interest in women’s breasts !! :))

So I’m geeked about that !!

Gay bar hopping is actually pretty fun …

Even for a straight transsexual girl who gets absolutely no attention there at all …

Kinda like a geeky heterosexual boy at prom.

The more life changes … the most life stays the same !!! 🙂

Anyways, I find ways to amuse myself there …

Trust me … it’s a total blast walking up to an unsuspecting guy, pointing to a guy you don’t even know on the other side of the bar, saying that he’s a friend of yours and he thinks he slept with you, but he’s embarassed to admit he can’t remember your name …

And then seeing what develops from there.

Too fun !! 🙂

On the other hand, maybe that’s why Miss Daisy usually doesn’t let me tag along when he’s going gay bar hopping. Hmmmm ….

Oh well, Miss Daisy’s man whore friends are nice …

And I’m looking forward to a night of bar fun where I never have to stand in line to use the ladies room.

And as far as anyone needs to know …

He asked me to go, I didn’t ask him.

Got it ??

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  1. “man whore friends…”

    LOVE IT!!

    I’ll have to send you some links for the Rent story, so you can get familiar with the characters before hand.

    Oh, pack some Kleenex in your purse, I cry during Rent!

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