My Period

Proving once again that apparently I’m not adverse to talking about any topic of a personal nature even remotely associated with my transsexualism …

I now broach the topic of my period.

Now, of course, I’m not talking about a menstral period, as I cannot have one. A point mentioned often by the natal women in my life as being “not fair”. Mind you though, to have the possibility of giving birth someday … I’d willingly and happily embrace the opportunity to menstrate … however, as such shall not happen … shall be dependent solely on Shaft’s adoption law skills.

No … I’m talking about my follicle period. The irritating beard issue that t-girls face (pun intended) when they must go days letting their facial hair grow so they are of sufficient length that the electrolygist can zap them away.

Now I understand that some might be offended that I’d make light of a menstral period by referring to my facial follicle issues as a period … but chill out, there are more similarities than you’d think …

First, both periods make the girl feel ugly about herself … menstral periods make girls feel fat and bloated causing them to have a hard time feeling happy and confident about their appearance. Follicle periods make girls feel self-aware of their face causing them to have a hard time feeling happy confident about their appearance.

Both periods can create facial blemishes for the girl … menstral periods often will generate pimples on a girl’s face. Follicle periods will create distressing bits of hair popping out on a girl’s face before the session and leave little mosquito bite looking marks and red dots all over her face for a few days after a session.

And both periods are often accompanied by a fair amount of pain and discomfort. Menstral periods with their hurtful cramps and follicle periods with the pain associated in having needles inserted into your face hundreds and hundreds of times each sitting together with an electrical zap with every poke.

My follicle period currently lasts about 6 days and I get it once every 5 weeks or so.

My cycle is as follows … 4 days prior to my session … I cease any facial grooming procedures that I do … at this point in my electrolysis experience … I mainly just have a few spots that have some regrowth … and appears to be what remains of my last hair growth cycle … I have a few light hairs that pop up on my upper lip … a bit more on the corners of my mouth … even more just to each side and above of my chin … sporadic growth on my neck and then a few standalones elsewhere on my face here and there. All are relatively fine, very light hairs … so even when they are long enough to zap … they remain fairly difficult to see … and are even a challenge for my electrolysist with her super x-ray binoculars that she wears. As such … it takes a solid 4 days of unrestricted growth before I can provide enough follicle lengthage.

Day 1 and Day 2 are really no big deal at all … two days with no facial grooming doesn’t impact my appearance at all and is not attention getting … those are my “light” days.

Day 3 is much more uncomfortable for me … I can feel them, but fortunately, they really aren’t that noticeable … as I don’t seem to have a problem presenting in Amy mode with typical lazy Amy make-up … eyes and gloss only.

Day 4 and Day 5 are my heavy days … Day 4 I don’t want to be seen by anyone … either in boy or girl mode … I just feel awful and dirty. I get zapped on the morning of Day 5 … usually for several hours at a time as I’m intent on getting even the tiniest of hairs removed … so I have red marks all over my face throughout the remainder of the day. Again, I don’t want to be seen by anyone.

Day 6 is on the down hill so that I usually conclude with a tolerable light day. I’m still pretty uncomfortable in the AM with red marks and blotches all over my face, but having usually iced down my face the evening of Day 5, by the afternoon of Day 6 … I’m almost feeling human again and just go with a mini.

Anyways … I’m mentioning it because I’ve just had two periods back to back … and I’m feeling very ugly.

I was supposed to have my session last Wednesday (two days ago) … so the last time I did any facial grooming was last Saturday AM … by Tuesday all I could think about was Wednesday morning and so wanting it to be over … but we had a ton of snow Tuesday afternoon … and my Wednesday AM had to be cancelled … though I was there waiting and willing for my discomfort to end … and begin.

We rescheduled for this Monday … meaning that my follicle period began again the very next day … Thursday. Though since I felt so ug Wednesday, I did some facial clean-up late Wednesday afternoon and this second period of mine in less than a week is going to last even longer than normal. πŸ™

I just can’t wait until I hit follicle menopause and no longer have my period.

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  1. True Yodette, though for Shaft, I doubt either electro or laser would do … you might just have to go with one of the tractors that mows the median of the interstates.

  2. Although Ibuprofen is in the class of anti-inflamatory drugs (NSAIDs), it has analgesic properties as well as antipyretic activity. Like aspirin, although it’s mechanism isn’t completely understood, it acts by inhibiting prostaglandin synthetase. Prostaglandins are a class of chemicals that serve many functions in the body including influencing inflamation reactions and pain perception. (They also influence the protection of the stomach lining from attack by stomach acid, which is why treament by NSAID drugs can had serious stomach complications.)

  3. Urgent! Urgent!

    For you girls who are doing Electro, and have that fun red blemishing afterwards, if you aren’t allergic to it, use Ibuprofen! It is a total reducer for the pain, and for the redness! I use it when I get sunburn, too.

    As they say on those TV ads:
    And it really, really works!

  4. BTW, I found out why laser works in some areas and not others. Apparently the toughest beard areas have two hairs per follicle, and many have three. Three hairs growing from one hole! Icky! Laser is almost useless with these because the energy is divided up between the two or three hairs.

  5. Interesting post, Aims. I, too, have heard of natal girls complaining that TSs don’t have to put up with menstruation, menopause, etc. But don’t we have enough troubles uniquely our own? Electrolysis, as you say, plus having to go through a second puberty as an adult, therapy, coming out, social issues, etc., etc.

    Electro sucks, but I find it less painful than laser. Keep going!

  6. ugh, i’m in the same boat aims, prolly worse actually. although i’m lucky not to have too much facial hair, the ones i do have are *black*. gross! and because of my recent ffs, i can’t have electro for another 2 months! πŸ™ talk about crappy timing…


  7. Beard hair removal varies. Everyone’s a unique. If you’re unlucky you’ll need pointy wooden stakes to kill the ones that survive the silver bullets.

    In the last 30 years I’ve had maybe a dozen “late bloomers” to zap, most of them the shallow-rooted colorless ones. It’s a common problem for women over a certain age, too. After 40 my rate was about the same as my mother’s, but your experience may be different.

  8. Hey Amy…all I can say is me too. I hate it. Even if you can’t see it, you can feel it, and it feels gross.

    I use some foundatin to cover it the day of electro, and then I use foundation the next day to reduce the red dot results…

    I hate it hate it hate it…


  9. Good one !! πŸ™‚ No, I won’t have to have it forever. Electrolysis is a permament way to eliminate beard growth, though I suspect I’ll be doing touch ups here and there for quite a while. Facial hair grows in different cycles and it’s just a time consuming process to remove it all. Some girls have nice success with laser hair removal, but one of the curses of being a fair skinned blonde is that my beard was really not conducive to that approach (though I did try). At this point, I’m probably being a little over particular as I’m really striving hard for that smooth as a baby’s butt face.

  10. I agree totally !! It’s been one of the reasons for my timing of a few things … it was the first thing I started and I’m glad … it’s taken a lot longer than I’d have ever imagined (over two years with constant treatment), but has certainly been a critical element for me in my presentation …

  11. I had my last “facial period” before I started hormomes and many months before I went 24/7. I couldn’t abide the idea of growing out facial hair while publicly a woman. Not recommended. It could bend your head in unhappy ways.

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