The Return of The Kingpins

I was thinking about posting a recap of Wednesday night’s activities with The UnUsual Suspects …

But as I started writing it … I realized …

Though absolutely every bit of what I was writing was true …

And could be independently verified,

I doubt any of you would believe it really happened.

Personally, I’m not sure I believe it happened … and I was there !

Let’s just say that collectively … as a group of five really close friends …

After three weeks without being able to hang out together …

We have a lot of pent up fun to release.

Add to that the drama of one of us having a sex change,

Another finally getting a girlfriend,

Another having a traumatic toe jam incident together with having their hours at work cut back significantly,

Another working with one of the most asshole of organizations available, and

Another having to deal with all of us …

And you have a recipe for some mighty exciting times.

Wooo hooo !!! I haven’t been this drunk in …. days !!

Miss Daisy was doing a T Bag dance out by the ball return.

Room service … heh heh … Room service

If you’re not going to bowl as Amy next week, then I’M going to bowl as Amy next week.

Oh … you wanna go outside, fine, I’ll go outside … I might not be able to find you … but I’ll go outside !!

Crouching Pussy, Hidden Bowler.

There were looks in the eyes of all these bowlers that was just shouting …

I’m scared of them, but .. but … I want to be like them … be one of them.

I hate them … hell … hell … the sinners must go to hell !!

Are they doing shots ???? …. Again ???

Now individually and collectively, in addition to one another, The UnUsual Suspects always keep an eye out for the underdog … the person with the good heart, that often gets picked on or can’t seem to catch a break … and there are more than a couple of them at bwowling … we like them and they like us … but even they had the look in their eyes saying …

Stay out of their way … they get like this every now and then … just let them be … let them get it out of their system … and everything will be fine.

Wow … it was really nice to be together again.

Oh yeah, and in the 9th frame of the final game … the designated representative from the opposing team approached me and said …

You guys are bowling out of your mind today … geezuz, the more you drink, the better you bowl !!

Really ? Ya think ? 🙂

P.S. Has anyone seen Sister’s keys?

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  1. Actually, Sister DID find her keys, right in her pocket as usual. It took her more than 2 days to check the pockets that she wore that night, but she finally did.

    Wednesday’s bowling left me laughing all the next day… I have been working on a story about it, as time permits. 🙂

  2. Oh…BTW, I saw Sisters keys…at least I THINK they were keys…

    They were lying on the ground in that skanky bathroom…


  3. EWwwwwwww !!! Okay people … we don’t have to keep repeating the word !!! 🙂 Or is it a phrase? Whatever. Regardless, you know what I mean !! 🙂

  4. LOL Yeah … actually … I did intentionally choose to exclude that particular quote … you know … I thought I’d try to keep this a PG-13 site since Baby Spice might be reading after cheerleading practice !! LOL 🙂 Rest assured though … it is a quote and setting that was definitely going to make the Outtakes reel !! 🙂

  5. Did you intentionally leave out “The bathroom smells like CLIT ROT?” If so, you didn’t tell me in time. 🙂

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