Hold Me Please

So we’re doing the bwowling thing Wednesday night …

And while Hottie is up for his turn,

Singer hands me some hand lotion that her sister in law makes as a craft.

It’s really great stuff, I liked it before, and she makes it in a variety of scents.

Here you go, Sister said you needed some hand lotion, your hands looked chapped,” Singer says to me.

I take and apply the lotion stick to the back of my hands and then rub in the lotion … it’s great stuff.

And the scent is soooo nice. Of course … it’s something Singer wears.

I put the cap back on … and place it on the table back in front of Singer.

Hottie returns and sits down … and catches a whiff of the scent … and noticing the lotion sitting in front of Singer, says …

Mmmmm, my … someone smells nice,” he says with a kidding grin looking at Singer.

To which Singer smirks and nods her head in my direction …

It’s him,” she says with a laugh.

Hottie’s eyes open up and he looks at me …

Slow down dude,” I say laughing.

Hottie laughs, shakes his head, then places his head on Singer’s shoulder and says jokingly …

Hold me please, I’m questioning my masculinity.


Totally funny. Totally kewl. And great that we’re finding a way to continue our good natured amusement amongst each other. 🙂

Oh … and get a load of this … for the first time … someone with great fashion and style sense offered me a fashion tip … Singer shared a way she uses the lotion sometimes to add some glimmer and control to flyaway hair. And the part that touched me the most was she shared it in such a way that I felt completely at ease and it was offered with total sincerity … talking to me as just another person … just the same way I overhear when she shares such tips with Sister. 🙂

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  1. Excellent story and all, but I have to step in here and remind you that we have discussed Pomade at length for your hair way before I (did I say “I?”) recommended you use Singer’s sister-in-law’s lotion on your hands. Anywho, feel free to recommend products to me in return. I’ll be sure to give you full credit if I dig them.

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