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Did anyone watch the Michael Jackson interview last night …

And remember that point in the interview where he suggested he was the victim of police brutality, that the police dislocated his shoulders when they handcuffed him and as a result he could not lift his hands/arms above chest level …

At which point he tried to lift his arms just up to breast level and showed what a struggle that was? Remember that?

If such was the case, how come during the rest of the interview he had no problem lifting his hands and arms above his shoulders to repeatedly brush his hair out of his face?

That’s the type of inconsistency that pisses off one’s defense counsel.

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  1. at this point,
    i won’t even watch the rerun of the simpson’s
    MJ episode…

    but this is a much more important post
    than y’all realize…

    in life,
    as in fiction,
    one small moment reveals far more of a character
    than any amount of exposition,
    and it works in several directions
    and on several levels at once…

    this wasn’t a post about MJ,
    it was about amy;
    it’s always about amy;
    that’s why it’s “amynews”

    new nose and larger butt
    amy still puts the “awe” in “lawyer”

  2. Geezuz … bitterness from the viewing audience !! lol Sorry, I’ll post the Momma Mia! review sometime today … I was just moving really, really slow yesterday !! 🙂

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