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Wow !! Three weeks since the face cuttin’ up !! It’s hard to believe !! 🙂

I’ve combed my hair back to highlight the most prominent part of the forehead scar and also included a pic of it … the pictures above were taken at the end of the day and are without wearing any make-up. I look like krap, ugh !! (Wanna see me looking like krap even more? Check out what the poor boys will see waking up next to me.)

Right now when I am wearing make-up, in addition to paying attention to my lips, I’m using a little concealer on the bruising around my eyes and on the scar with a light covering of foundation over it. Most of the time I’m not even using any liner, shadow or mascara on the eyes, simply opting for using the concealer and powder to cover the bruising on the lids. Works fine. I have noticed that I lost some hair around the incision point. Maybe it was the trauma of the incision, who knows … though I do see new hair sprouting so I’m not really concerned about any permanent loss there … and considering the healing of the cut so far, with which I am very pleased, I don’t anticipate having any concern in the future about being comfortable pulling my hair back … as I do like having both the bang and no-bang option. 🙂

It’s really a wild feeling in the upper forehead area … where I really have no feeling … but for some reason, I can sense if it itches there. I’ll go to scratch where I feel an itch and then not feel myself really touching my forehead. The top of my head still lacks feeling for the most part and feels goofy strange with I’m washing my hair … it’s like I could pull my scalp off and never know it. I’m continuing my head butting of various objects … something I really didn’t do that often before, and I’m not sure why I seem to be hitting my head against things so frequently now, but at least it doesn’t hurt ! 🙂

Forehead is swollen … quite a bit still and feels rather “tight”. I heard from another Dr. Z girl who is six weeks out and she’s still feeling the tightness and Dr. Z said that until the swelling subsides, which could be 12 – 16 wks … it’ll feel that way. Right though though … it’s nothing compared to how it was at first … and I’m definitely not complaining, simply noting … as I definitely like the more youthful, smooth forehead look ! 🙂

My eyebrows are starting to come down a bit … yay !! … So I don’t constantly look perpetually shocked ! 🙂 In fact, as Dr. Z told me they would, my eyebrows are falling nicely into the shape and arch that I had desired.

This whole brow bossing reduction is really strange … since I can’t feel things dripping down my forehead in the shower, even though I have been warned, I still suffer from shampoo in the eyes issue … but that’s nothing compared to the other small little, day to day things I’ve noticed … for example, without that little ridge protruding in my line of sight, I have a greater range of upper vision that I wouldn’t have expected to change so much with such a small forehead modification … also, on sunny days, the sun’s glare seems to bother me more than before as I don’t have that ridge to minimize the direct hit of sunlight … and then on rainy days … raindrops find their way to my eyes much quicker than they ever did before without the ridge damming things up.

I still have a small, subtle bruise under my right eye, but my left eye is taking much longer to recover. The left eye has a very seeable bruise under it and the upper lid has remaining bruising also.

My nose … hurts like hell … to touch. 🙂 If I don’t touch it, it doesn’t hurt at all, but then I’ll forget and go to blow it and HOLY !@#$ !!!! Does it ever sting !! I had a reaction of some sort inside my nose, if you look at my last face pic posted, you’ll see some inflamation of some sort under my nose. At first I attributed it to the cold I was dealing with, but then I thought it might be an infection. I called Dr. Z and mentioned it to him and he thought it was most likely a reaction to the sutures inside my nose, but to be safe, he was going to put me on some moderate antibiotics … amazing response time … within an hour he had called in a prescription to my local pharmacy and it was ready for pick-up … he had me e-mail him pics of my nose so he could see what I was talking about … after all was said and done … I think he was right … it was a reaction to the sutures … one nostril is still slightly inflamed, but the other has resolved itself nicely… it really didn’t/doesn’t hurt … I just don’t like the look. Dr. Z has called me every other day to check on the status of it and to make sure I’m doing my massaging and cleaning routine in that area as he’s directed.

I have pretty much complete movement around my lips now … fully capable of tendering my trademark smile, sneer and smirk … and they seemed to have settled in to a nice “less thin” size than I had before. I’m still going to have Dr. Z give me another hit of fat at some point to increase a little bit more their fullness, but even now … I’m comfortable I’m well within the a normal female range of lip kissability, even when I’m not feeding my lip gloss addiction. 🙂

As far as my liposuction goes … my skin still feels strange around the waist area, but it is having slow, gradual movements towards feelings of normalness. The only bruise I have remaining is one at the base of my back. And last, but not least … pain is all gone. Yay !!! 🙂

As far as maintenance goes, per Dr. Z’s instructions, I’m keeping my forehead incision covered with suntan lotion and continuing the facial, massaging therapy on my forehead and nose that he’s instructed … and after two weeks of doing such … the massaging still hurts really bad. Nasal passages are cleaned three-four times a day with H2O2 and now instead of a triple antibiotic, they are moistened with dabs of Vaseline.

And lastly … on Thursday, Day 19, for the first time since surgery, I felt like myself … both physically and emotionally. 🙂 I don’t think that’s a bad recovery time. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the nose warning Yodette. 🙂 I remember you mentioned once that someone tweaked yours a year after surgery and it still hurt, so I figure that I’ve got a ways to go.

  2. Looks as if you are recoving wekk and on schedule. Great!

    Three-four weeks was about how long it too me to recover. Parts of the nose work will take longer, particularly if he make shanges to the cartilage scaffolding in the tip. That may remain sensitive to certain types of physical insults for one to two years, in my experience.

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