Ask Shaft! Reminder

Just a reminder to anyone who has a questioooon or multiples they want to Ask Shaft! this week … just shoot him an e-mail. I doubt that he has gotten a chance to write this week’s column since it’s not in my in-box and he’s outta town today.

And be sure to tell the big guy how cute he looked Saturday night opening up the presents at his baby shower !! 🙂 (We had to drag the dweeb up there to sit next to Satan so they could open presents together !!)

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  1. Dear Shaft
    Exactly what is your opinion, history, and relationship regarding the Singer Amy Issue? Can you be as detailed as possible? And are you sure you’re not gay? The reason I ask, is because hypothetically, assuming you weren’t married, would you date the original Shaft or that new comer, Jackson?

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