And yet … Another Disclosure

Pretty nbd (no big deal) … it was our summer intern at the office, hereinafter referred to as Skipper (we all have nicknames at the firm, when she started interning for us a few years ago, we had to come up with her’s. She likes to think she’s a California chica with a year round tan, so at first we contemplated Malibu Barbie … but that was not laced with enough condescension nor sarcasm, she’d take that as a compliment … so then we decided to name her Barbie’s kid sister … Skipper … because, honest to gawd, she skips. Unbeknownst to us at the time … Skipper was created by Mattel to counter complaints about Barbie’s looks and proportions … so basically Skipper is Barbie’s less attractive, less endowed, less shapely kid sister … now that’s laced with enough condescension and sarcasm ;)).

Anyways, I told her I’d tell her … so I did. We went to get some joe at a nearby beanery … and waited an ungawdly long time in line. Then sat down in an psuedo-private location to talk … but a butt soon decided to sit right next to us. Oh well, I stalled for about 5 minutes to see if butt would leave, but he didn’t … so being on a tight schedule … I just told her the scoop.

She was totally cool with it, as I expected her to be. She’s very open-minded and said that anything less than what I told her would have been a disappointment … in light of the build-up she claimed she felt from my delayed disclosure to her (she knew something was up last summer and wanted to know then, but I didn’t share.)

So after we get back to my office, I ask her if she wants to see a picture of me … she quickly says “Yes“.

I pull up my website pics and show her, her first response was …

I’d have walked right past you on the sidewalk and never recognized you.

Hmmm … suppose that’s good. And then she adds,

Wow, you’re not ugly.

Now that one, I not quite sure how to take !! lol 🙂

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  1. LOL Wasn’t that the funniest ?? (For those who weren’t there … I have a problem remembering which voice I’m using, which probably makes my having a krappy voice a good thing … so I’m gabbing with Makenna on the phone while I’m driving to a foreign court … and I swing into McD’s for some nourishment? … so then I start sorta, kinda, alternating betweeen voices, but getting it all backwards … deep voice to Makenna, sorta higher voice to the drive-thru window girl, and then when I’d try to correct it … I’d screw it up even more … total cluster.)

  2. “Wow, you’re not ugly”

    You don’t know how to take it? Fer chrise sakes girl..whats the opposite of U-G-L-Y? Pretty! Yea…P-R-E-T-T-Y! Its called a compliment and you usually say somethig like “uh…THANKS! (and a big smile)

    So run with it…

    Oh and the next time I hear you give an order to the mickey D’s counter girl, SOUND like one, would you please!!! Just so you don’t freak her out!!!.

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