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I’m woefully behind in responding to some e-mails and questions asked in comments … for that I apologize … I’ve really been busy sort of getting things in line for … well, you know what …

So here are some of the things I’ve been asked along with their answers, I’ll be more verbose someday soon.

Did your tracheal shave have any negative impact on your voice? No, not at all. My voice just naturally sucks.

Do you really watch as much television as you suggest? Yes, probably even more.

Is it difficult switching between boy and girl mode so often? Terribly. I don’t recommend it.

Why did you do it? Personality flaw on my part. Sometimes I don’t think things are worth doing until it hurts getting there. I think subconsciously that played a part. Regardless, I’m rectifying it.

Have you ever been read? Yes, of course. Much more so in the past, but it still occurs at times. It happens to all of us. Most likely always will. There’s more to passing than just ffs. 🙂

What size panty do you wear? 7. Phreak.

How did you select your last name? Totally random, spur of the moment selection … I saw Kelly Preston’s name in a copy of People I was reading as I was filling out so paperwork as Amy and needed a last name … shrugged my shoulders and said to myself … “That’ll do” … and went with it. I’ve used it since. As with my first name, no one in my real life seems to like it. I’m not as concerned about the last name though, it’s only temporary … I’ll take my husband’s last name someday.

Are you willing to give a blowjob? You’ll never know.

If so, will you swallow? See previous answer.

How much have your surgeries cost you? Tracheal Shave – $3,650.00; FFS – $11,900; Liposuction – $3,500. That does not include prescriptions nor lodging costs, which probably adds another $500 to the total. As far as transportation goes, other than gas, I had no transportation costs. I’ve had about $15,000 or so in electrolysis costs too.

Was it worth it? Yes. Undoubtedly.

What else do you have left surgery-wise? I’ve got a little face work left, just some touch-ups, another set of fat injections to my lips and temple region and after that settles, then I’ll do my upper lip lift. Pretty minor, minor stuff. My boobs are my next big project, though I’ve settled in on a size and it won’t be that “big” of a project. That’s temporarily set for April. Then it’s just the plumbing thing and that’ll be as soon as I can pull it off with letters and wait lists.

Is there something going on between you and Shaft? For the 100th time … no Dr. Z … there isn’t !! 🙂 LOL No, not at all. And I’m not saying this to be rude, because I would take a bullet for the dear boy, but seriously, he wouldn’t have a shot in hell with me.

My crush is on Hottie … aka His Yumminess … tall, athletic, fit, employed, sensitive, funny, no felonies, confident, great fashion taste, total command of useless information, attractive (he has a goatee, how great is that !!), and a very worthy butt highlighted each time he’s up to bowl … unfortunately, His Hotness has got a new girlfriend … and even worse, this one actually sounds possibly worthy as she seems to make him happy (I’ve noticed the smile in his eyes when she’s mentioned, isn’t that kewl !?! :)) … and even worse worse, he’s wisely chosen to shield her from exposure to The UnUsual Suspects during the formative stages of their relationship as to make our sabotage of their romance even more difficult. Hmmm, proof that Hottie is also very intelligent. Oh well, at least he’ll be a little whacked out the next time we bowl and he’s up there wondering … Are they looking at my ass?

What kind of guy are you attracted to? See previous answer. I’m contemplating cloning.

Is it hard passing as a guy after ffs? People that know me still see me as Joe Hairdy, and unfortunately, are associating my new and improved face with belonging to Joe … and that’s a very, very bad thing. Passing as a boy around people that know me is simple. Passing as a boy around people that don’t know me depends on the situation … I can pass for most basic day to day situations in both modes with relative ease now … but passing as Amy is just easier for me because I’m not thinking so much about making sure I present boy.

What’s your favorite color? Blue. Any shade of blue. I can see blue, so it sort of wins by default.

Are you really a lawyer? Yes.

Are The UnUsual Suspects really as great as they sound? Totally. Singer, Hottie, Sister, Miss Daisy and Shaft are the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. I’m beyond lucky having them in my life. But let’s not forget about Ex, Satan, Tenant and Morrie who have been fab too.

Any regrets? I’ve hurt people along the way because of my avoidance and denial. I’ll never forgive myself for that.

Do you really purge, as in binge and purge? No, I have a high metabolism and my body does let me get away eating massive quantities of some really bad food. I do exercise regularly, but not excessively by any means, and I try not to eat anything after 8:00 p.m. I’m a strong believer in the Atkins approach, so I watch my carb intake. I also had liposuction, which obviously helped a helluva lot.

Are you going to go all the way? I’m assuming that means with respect to the final surgery … the grs/srs/call it what you will … switching out the plumbing. Actually, I suppose it doesn’t matter, because the answer regardless is “yes”.

What was it like the first time a guy hit on you? For me … incredibly scary and weird. In fact, a lot of this stuff is just as weird for me as it is for others in my life.

Do you realize how selfish you are being in doing what you’re doing? Yes.

How is your dad doing healthwise? Okay, thanks for asking. He has his good days and bad. Sometimes he’s in a lot of pain, but he’s a real trooper. He’s still doing this physical therapy daily, he’s definitely an inspiration with his attitude and outlook.

How are you and your mom getting along? Pretty good. I think she’s gotten accustomed to the idea and is not seeing it as bad as she was. We’ve been shopping together, we talk about things pretty easily now and she’s even given me a few pieces of jewelry and other accessories.

Where are the Before pics of your ffs that you promised? I just haven’t gotten around to it. I will ! Sorry. 🙂

Why did you decide to start posting some pics of yourself? Well, first of all, I wanted some feedback, and it has been useful for that. But as you can tell with most of my pics, they are really not glam or flattering, just an example of what your average ts-chick might look like at the end of a long day when she’s just doing day to day stuff, so I wanted to show that side of life. And finally, there are my friends, more and more in my real life visit here and it’s an easy way to get them acclimated to what I look like. More pics will be posted and some with others than just me ! 🙂 Fairly good chance before the ones I promised in the anwer to the previous question !

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  1. Shaft is in the hooooouuuuuuse!!!!!!!!!!! Great post, A. This has to be one of your best, except for the selfish part. Props to Makenna.

  2. “I’ve met few men who didn’t enjoy having their egos stroked.”

    Complete brainfreeze … I’ve got so many responses to that line that … I’m … having … a … snarky response … meltdown. 🙂

  3. “…after today’s post, Hottie probably has to go into a drinking binge or something.”

    Although he may draw a line elsewhere, I’ve met few men who didn’t enjoy having their egos stroked.


  4. Technically, except for Shaft and Hottie, none of them have. It was the agreement … once I presented as Amy, that’s how it would be from there on out, so the face to face was delayed until I was ready. There’s a very good chance that’ll happen tomorrow night. As far as seeing pics of me, getting the feel for me, all of The UnUsual Suspects visit my site here, but pretty much only Miss Daisy and Sister post lately. Shaft used to post when he had the time and I’ve encouraged Singer and Hottie to say ‘hola’, I’m sure they will someday … though after today’s post, Hottie probably has to go into a drinking binge or something.

  5. There are family member who no doubt believe I’ve been terribly selfish because I was unwilling to maintain the fiction I was male. It isn’t my honesty they find painful, it is their hide-bound unwillingness to accept the truth that hurts them. Were they less invested in judgemental paradigms of they wish I was, they would not be hurt.

    The only person I legitimately hurt along the way was someone I hurt because I tried to be someone I wasn’t. I never made that mistake again.

  6. Nice quote, I hadn’t read it before. Thanks for sharing !! 🙂

    Yeah, I really struggled (obviously for those who have suffered through some of my posts) with the whole feeling selfish thing. Though my family, The UnUsuals in a major way, and other friends have really helped me get over that feeling … it’s really not an issue for me any more. Sort of why I just answered it with a Yes. 🙂 It was very close to receiving a Whatever, but I thought a simple Yes and moving on was a more sarcastic response. Now I’ll probably get an e-mail from the sender of that question asking me me why I didn’t answer their questions about my church attendance … Whatever.

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