Hehe Hehe …

Ahem, obviously amuse the beejeebers out of myself after finding this website. Seriously, you should see the church signs I’ve chosen not to post !!! lol

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  1. JC … who in the bejeebers are you ??? My fantasy team sucks … it looks like I’m not going to defend my Amy Bowl Championship from last year. I’ve got to win this weekend, Shaft has to lose, and then I have to score more than 40 points than Shaft does in order to win the tie breaker to get into the playoffs. Baby Brother has a chance to make it if he wins and Shaft loses. Right now Tenant’s Brother In Law, Runner-Up, and Shaft Junior have clinched playoff spots. Tenant’s Brother In Law is kicking some serious butt, Shaft Junior has had a great year and Runner-Up has been quiet and solid all year long. A Tenant’s Brother In Law – Runner-Up matchup would be nice since both have been in the Amy Bowl before, but couldn’t close the deal, both teams deserve a championship. Runner-Up has the opportunity to spoil Shaft’s playoff chances if he can beat him in the final week, which might be nice, because though it’s hard to cheer against Shaft, he’s the absolute worst winner you’ll ever be around … not to mention the disturbing sight it is to see a 1/8 ton Shaft doing the jitterbug.

  2. Can’t you see it now: bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks, t-shirts, coffee cups, etc.

    I’m waiting for the WWAD panties…..

  3. This is a fun site! I’ve already ordered three magnets – I hope they come before christmas!

    I hope you’re on comission, Amy!

  4. You’ll notice that, under the question, What would Amy do? there’s a blank. That means they had no friggin idea how to begin to list all of the possibilities of what she might do, or the limitless realities of what she’s already done. Absolutely mind boggling; encyclopedic even! There just aren’t enough signs.

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