Friday Five for May 23, 2003

There is absolutely, positively nothing I can do to make this week’s questiooons even the least bit entertaining ….. my advice ….. skip over this post entirely.

1. What brand of toothpaste do you use?

Crest. Though I vary among the particular product line ….. I think last count there were 7,334 different types of Crest toothpaste on the shelf at Meijer ….. I have no clue what dental-issue I am currently addressing, but most likely it was the one on sale the last time I needed toothpaste.

2. What brand of toilet paper do you prefer?

Charmin, and I don’t know why, but I really felt awkward answering that question.

3. What brand(s) of shoes do you wear?

I’m really not into shoe “brands” at all. Sports-wise ….. I’m in the Nike camp, Nike running shoes, Nike field shoes and Nike golf shoes, but it’s not really intentional.

Casual-wise …. whatever looks good and is comfy, I have a pair of Merrell slides that I love and overwear ….. otherwise just some preppy flats usually ….. topsider-type style.

Work …. whatever I need and looks good but doesn’t cost a fortune.

Most of my tramping shoes come from Payless.

4. What brand of soda do you drink?

Well, when I’m copping a midwest attitude, I don’t drink soda, I drink pop. But …….. since I attended Michigan for my drinking undergraduate education (I swear, more students were from the east coast than were in-state, and that’s not a bad thing !) ……. I find myself referring to it as soda fairly frequently ….. and when I do imbibe ….

It’s usually Coca-Cola products for me. Classic Coke is first, then Cherry Coke. I do enjoy Mountain Dew (Pepsi Product) though …. gotta love a good caffiene jolt. Nonetheless ….. my favorite soda …. pop ….. is Dr. Pepper. Come on ….. wouldn’t ya wanna be a Pepper too?

5. What brand of gum do you chew?

I don’t chew gum. I chew straws or coffee stirrers, I find them a much better workout for my jaw muscles. (Ahhhh, okay ….. I hope my Dad has skipped over this post ……. but if not ….. I’m referring to exercising my jaw muscles because I like to talk ….. seriously. 😉 )

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  1. i think i’m more of pinto bean,
    or maybe a chick pea…

    when i saw “fast times at ridgemont high”
    i thought they were kidding…
    i never gagged,
    and nobody ever slapped me
    upside the head and said,
    “You’re doing it wrong!”

  2. I’d have to say I have some work to do on the whole gag reflex thang ….. umm, uhh …. I’ve never been on the giving side of gag reflex inducing activities …. but I fully appreciatedthat some lucky man would enjoy such pleasure from me someday ….. so I have been practicing on bananas and this rubber acquisition I made. And I have work to do …. though it really hasn’t been a practicing priority for me. 🙂

    No kidding … I would have never expected this post to go in this directioooon.

  3. yep,
    if you listen you hear the rip of the tp,
    and if you don’t,
    it’s not like anyone is listening,
    it’s just one little detail that could haunt you;
    men usually wipe back-to-front;
    they usually drop their pants to their ankles
    just to give themselves more room to work…
    i still don’t know what angle the hand should
    approach from when wiping one’s ass,
    and i’m not asking anybody…

    big scare tuesday night–
    had to go to a defensive driving class;
    at the potty break,
    there was no waiting for the crowd to thin out,
    and the only stall left
    was across from the mirror–
    i was scared to death that somebody
    would get just enough of an accidental glance
    to arrouse their suspiscions…

    but, no, it went alright….

    and you thought these were dull questions…
    fun is what you make;
    if you don’t make it yourself,
    it’s not fun,
    it’s juat entertainment…

    “how’s the gag reflex?”

    fine, but why do you ask?

  4. Okay ….. I’ll switch the ol’ brand of tp …. I’m really not attached to it (gawd, I could go in so many different directions with that one.)

    Yes, I do wipe …. I’m aware of that tell !! But that got me wondering, wipe or blot – does it make any difference, and who in the hell would be able to tell if I did one or the other?

    So I Googled it and came up ….. advice to wipe from front to back …. to avoid bateria being transmitted from the anus to the urethra.

  5. “when i was young i studied the law
    and argued each case with my wife.
    the added strength that this gave to my jaw
    has lasted the rest of my life.”
    i dunno about michigan,
    but nebraska’s NON-resident tuition
    is lower than several eastern states
    resident tuition…
    so it pays to attend here,
    and if you examine census data,
    we pretty much have to pay people to stay here
    after graduation, too…
    this may be a give, a tell,
    an “Oh, please read me”
    and i had no idea, either,
    until a natal friend explained–
    for those who pee without a nozzle,
    wiping with charmin leaves fuzz
    all over the pubic hair…
    what, you don’t blot after you pee?
    and you wondered WHY the other women
    eye you suspiciously???

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