Evidence for the Unbelieving

I’m pretty sure that my behavior yesterday … though considerably more restrained that historical … … offered proof to the unbelieving that I’m really not a girl.

I’m sorry … but it was football … Michigan v Notre Dame … second only to the Michigan – Ohio State game as the most rewarding win in a given season, and …

I was thoroughly enjoying the rout … which included me high-fiving my brother and dad on occassiooon, saying “YES” frequently, and sporadically being a bit loud.

Now bear in mind, I’m a pessimist when it comes to my football team. I’m always concerned my team is going to lose, even if we’re ahead by say … 38 points with mere seconds left on the clock 🙂 … and I freak that we’re not prepared … ready for the game. As a result … I tend to be very, very quiet during close, tense games.

But when good things happen, when we are playing well, when a good play is made … I’m giddy happy.

When a bad play is play … I call my players on the carpet. Vocally.

And when the other side cheats, I let them know what I think of them.

Of course, I never cheer injuries, that’s just not right. (Though that’s not the same as wanting your team to beat the bejeebers outta the other side’s quarterback.)

Anyways … it really was a fun game for a Michigan fan to watch. And I enjoyed myself.

Not excessively mind you, but certainly not the picture perfect restrained image of a woman apparently some possess or would expect me to embody if I really was a woman.

Oh well.

I’m sorry … I’m just not that kind of girl. 🙂

And if you’re wondering … I’m 0 -1 in my fantasy football league. I told you that you should have played !! I’m an easy mark ! 🙂

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  1. i have a natal friend who throws a football
    much better than i do…

    if she’s not a real woman,
    she’s got her husband and children fooled
    pretty well…

    not to mention
    the doctor who did her hysterectomy…

    even i like to see ohio state get whupped…

  2. I know that sports are supposed to be a “guy” thing. Well, don’t fool yourself. They are a girl thing for many kinds of sports, both as participants, and as fans. As debbie noted above, many women go to games, and are every bit a fan that the guys are. They do many of the same things. Well, ok, not -many- of them do the scratching thing, and that’s a good thing!

    I’m a big fan of Major League Baseball, and don’t find a disconnect with my femininity. I have several friends at my work place who are AVID Baseball fans, and are quite feminine ladies.

    Just be Amy when you’re enjoying them, and all will be ok.

    (and no scratching!)


  3. y’know….I’ve beat myself up over this very same thing.

    I go to alot of major league baseball games…and I encourage….and whistle….and HECKLE. Yes, I’m a real loudmouth. And it lead me to start thinking that I would really miss that part of me if/when I transition. ‘Cause a REAL woman would never do that sort of thing.

    So one game, I tried (with great difficulty) to ZIP IT. And it wasn’t as fun. And my doubts grew (over something as silly as this). Then I started listening to the people around me. And I heard other women shouting…and whistling…and HECKLING. And then I realized that I would be OK…at least in this regard. 🙂

    who also noticed that guys seem to dig the cool chicas that actually know something about the sport they’re watching!

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