2112 Stabs in the Face

No …. I didn’t count them ….. but my electrolysist’s machine keeps track of the number of zaps of electricity each of my hair follicle thingies receives ….. and we did several hours worth today …… didn’t hurt too much at the time, you sorta get numb to the pain after what, the first 20 million hours of it …… but afterwards ….. my face was a swollen mess ….. yikes !! Though with a little make-up and a tight jean skirt, I’m sure I still could get my ‘bulican buddies to look my way. (I really should tell you about my excursion to campaign headquarters to get some “BOMB THE HELL OUTTA IRAQ” signs …. your favorite newsgal in tight jeans with a milf look …. flirted her way to a free sign !! lol Though honestly …. I was scared outta my mind !! I’m so taking unnecessary risks at this point !! Which really, is a complete cop-out …. I’m going to stop doing that !)

‘ways ….. we zapped my face 2,112 times on Friday ….. (6 hours of billable work, 8 hours of electro …. I had a full day !!) …. and a lot of those buggers were small, fine hair ….. it’s such a nice confirming feeling when I realize ….. I shave my legs more frequently than my face !!

Oh, and before anyone busts my chops for putting a BOMB THE HELL OUTTA IRAQ sign in my front yard …. it really didn’t say that …… it said NUKE ‘EM !!!! (Naw, just kidding …. gawd, I kill myself sometimes ….. it simply said “I Support Our Troops and President Bush ….. The Best President Since Reagan”) ….. LOL …. Chill Out …. I’m just messing with you !! šŸ™‚

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