Ask Shaft Warning !

Just wanted to let ya’ll know …

Maybe it’s because it’s the first issue …

Or maybe it’s because of the holiday weekend and short notice …

Or maybe it’s because he’s not very popular and this feature is going to be cancelled …

But so far no one has Asked Shaft anything. So … you can post your questions here using a fake e-mail address and name if that works for ya, or e-mail your questions directly to Shaft. He’s really full of good advice and information. Plus he’s adequately entertaining. 🙂 Give him a test run. Otherwise … tomorrow … it’ll be trivia. Eeeek !! 🙂

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  1. Dear Shaft;
    you are so sexy, I have crush on you. How you get such big sexy manny man? I marry you some
    day. Now real question:

    How you react when sexy doll Amy tell you first time she really girl? What go through such manny man mind of yours? How feel?

    Surong PaWattitingtangyam Chettiwut

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