Hotel Bar Again

No.No.No. Trust me. I'm not worth the effort. I will make your life miserable. At least according to the testimony in my last divorce.
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Emergency Room Smile

IMG_20150420_135838 (1)
So there I was ... In an emergency room, Once again. Surprised?
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I turned my head back towards him. Made eye contact, then tilted my head to the left and slightly forward so that my eyes were looking up.
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Add Some Pause

paw-prints-Dog the-cat
I have noticed something sorta, kinda, what-I-think is weird about me and my relationship with my new last name.
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I do suspect the real source for the sore spot I have for DEN is because of the fake Rocky Mountain snow tops positioned above the terminal,
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Annual Posting

sweep sweep sweep vacuum vacuum vacuum dust dust dust WHAT A MESS !
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