Hotel Bar Again

No.No.No. Trust me. I’m not worth the effort. I will make your life miserable. At least according to the testimony in my last divorce.

The Context

Ummm, yeah, fairly obvious one here … someone was expressing interest in me and I was deflecting. There are a couple of inaccurate or misleading suggestions though: First, my last divorce was amicable – no testimony necessary; and Two, by saying “last” divorce, it sort of implies there was more than one, which is not true, there was only one. Vocabulary was selected for comedic effect … it was a joke with intent, factual accuracy not required. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hotel Bar Again”

    • Yo yo girl !!! ? Yup, it’s a short one, but it is newa … didn’t think anyone would even notice !!! How are you doing ???


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