First Kiss

Back in the days,

One night on American Idol tonight,

A caller calling in,

Posing a question,

Was a chica by the name of Tara Miller,

Who happened to be the very first kiss of Simon Cowell,

When they were 9.

What I found so kewl was how touched Simon seemed,

And how he remembered,

Without apparent pause,

Exactly who she was.

You always remember your first kiss !

Sorta, kinda, maybe.

‘Cause though I totally remember Joe’s first kiss …

In second grade,

In a shed,

I don’t remember my first kiss.

Maybe it’s because I was much,

Much older than one normally is when they have their first kiss,

So the memory imprint wasn’t quite as strong;

Or maybe it’s because I was under the influence of alcohol when I had my first kiss,

And since I can’t remember my first kiss,

I can’t say for certain that such was actually the case,

It is certainly possible.


What I do know though is that for some reason,

I find it a kind of empty feeling,

This whole “not having a first kiss experience” thing.

It’s not necessarily a sad feeling,

Mind you,

As I am well aware there are a good number of not fun first memories from which I have been spared.

It’s more one of those situations where all you can really do is acknowledge it while shrugging your shoulders.