Missing Tony

Just for the record,

I’m still really pissed that Robocop killed Tony.

Really pissed.

I was hoping we’d get a surprise this week and Tony would be alive,

That’d he do a Bauer somehow,

But the whole sheet covering him in the opening,

Sorta, kinda rules that out. -(

So let’s get started:


I don’t care if you are the ex-president’s brother,

Do you really want to be driving around L.A. after curfew?

I like the way Curtis responded when Jack called him and said he was going to join them on the tactical team …


Too kewl.

He didn’t act happy about it, because he knew he had things in control anyways. He didn’t act mad about it, because he’s smart enough to know the extra help is always good.

It was a definite …

Alright, there may be some gruesome deaths as a result, but Jack’s like a hand grenade, I probably can handle this myself, and I might not need him, but when I do, he’s really, really useful.

So what’s the scoop,

Is this Dao dude supposed to be the German Jack Bauer?

If so,

He’s a little slow on the uptake.

Jack got him to fall for the old exploding SD card trick. Hah !!!

Though I have a feeling we’re going to see Dao again.

When you piss off the Germans,

They obsess with getting even.


Even though she has immunity,

Dao’s in love with Colette Stinger-Missile.

Something is going to come from it.

And just for the record,

Make that two countries Jack can no longer visit: China and Germany.

(Please note that I’m refraining from using my favorite and way overused (even more so in real life), Chinese Food joke.)

Question: What do you get when Oscar the Grouch, Kermit the Frog, and Yoda have a three-way?

Answer: Chloe.

Props to Chloe for doing the spilling the coffee routine. An oldie, but goodie, but I don’t think that was a coffee stain on Edgar’s chair. Remember Edgar’s infatuation with Chloe? His glances of longing towards her as he sat in his chair. I think it might have been an Edgar stain.


Chloe: “Edgar, come here.

Edgar: “Ummm, I already did, but over here.

What kind of car was Wayne Palmer driving? Because I don’t know cars, but any vehicle that looks sorta new like that one did that can’t outrun a delivery van loaded down with shooters, must really suck performance-wise.

And whoaaaaaa !!!

What a twist !!! Audrey, a phreaking traitor !!! I didn’t see that one !!!

Though maybe she’ll try to rationalize it by saying that after Jack fake-died, she was distraught and angry and somehow this is getting her revenge to those that killed Jack, so she thought.

I’m not buying it,

But from the previews,

It looks like Jack is going to choke Audrey in a way totally different from times of past.

*snicker* *snicker* ;-)

As far as the Kill Kount goes,

Jack killed no one in the preparation of this episode;


You think I’m obsessed with 24?

Check out what this person keeps up-to-date.


Even though no one was killed in this episode,

And there weren’t any really kewl explosions,

I thought this was a really good hour.

Oh yeah, President Logan remains a dumbass and I also think it’s funny that the sheep school in my home state thought they were all kewl making it to the big dance, but they lost in the first round to the dead, former district director of the L.A. division of CTU.

Be Bop Be Bop Be Bop

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  1. LOL I’m just kidding on the sheep school comment. It is a great vet school … and I’m not even tossing out any of the funnies I’ve got popping in my noggin’ right now … I just couldn’t pass up the George Mason reference, especially since I was exhausted from all the trash talking spewing forth from Sheep School Shaft.

  2. BTW your youngest niece will not like your calling State the sheep school (even though it really is — lol). She is definitely a Spartan girl and will be going to vet school there some day.

  3. Jack had one seriously bad hour. I thought for sure he was gonna lose it after Tony died. My dog thinks I’m insane because I was yelling at the TV again — No Tony don’t die! You can’t die! Jack needs you! Poor Jack needs a hug.

    Found this article out on Chloe: Rajskub pouts way to stardom as Chloe on ’24’ — http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/11945914/from/ET/

    No comments on her being from the East side of the state. I wonder which of the many Detroit suburbs she’s from. She might have lived in my subdivision. And she knows Jack. Kewl.

  4. Random thoughts on last nights episode:

    1. I want the boots that Colette had on.
    2. Dick Cheney wishes he had thought of martial law instead of an undisclosed location.
    3. Still not convinced that Audrey is a traitor. Could have been Nina back from the dead posing as Aurey.
    4. Colette is a bad ass, but she still wears AmyNews pajamas.

    PS. Like the take on Michigan St. losing to Mason. Alas my beloved Universit of Kentucky is gone now too.

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