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I finally was able to track down copies of the cartoons that got the panties in a bunch of so many Muslems … Mohammed Phreakin’ Krap !!! They aren’t even funny !!! Even with translation !!!

Then, as I was bored earlier (i.e. sitting in court waiting to see if my client was going to show), I decided to offer proof that I’ve got absolutely no artistic talent whatsover and sketched out my attempt at a cartoon. Now technically, they shouldn’t want to kill me (at least because of the cartoon, I’m not saying they don’t have other reasons), because it’s not a picture of Mohammed. I call it … Flohammed.


Ummm, for those that need context … I know I’m spelling Muhammed’s name wrong, but I needed to spell it with an “O” in order to make the Flo joke work. As far as the Flo reference, Flo was a waitress in a 70’s sitcom here in the U.S. called Alice. She worked in Mel’s Diner and when she got her panties in a bunch, she’d tell people to “Kiss My Grits”, hence, “Bomb My Grits”. I really never was a fan of the show, but apparently I watched it enough for it to pop in my mind when I was trying to think of something that rhymed with Mo. Oh yeah, and my social commentary krack in the cartoon … it’s not something I thought of, it was once pointed out to me that every face I try to draw looks like a butt … with the eyes being pimples on the butt. Normally I’d give credit to whoever said it, but in this case, it’d be way too many people. Oh yeah yeah, and this is just a joke … it’s not bashing religion, it’s not bashing Islam, it’s not doing anything such thing. Belief is important. This … isn’t. It’s just a joke. 🙂


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  1. If you’re gonna riot and raise all kinds of hell, at least do it over something worthwhile.

    The fact that most Middle East countries are ruled by iron fisted monarchs- Not a problem!

    Women have no rights- No problem!

    Oil revenue not shared with the public- We could care less!

    Poorly done Danish Cartoons? World War III, death to the infedels!

    I just don’t get it.

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