Thursday Konflict

First of all, all of my Take Two posts won’t concern television, it just seems like that for now. Sorry.

Second of all, I’m utterly and totally torn as what to do … NBC moved The Office from Wednesday night to Thursday night at 9: 30 pm, which is during CSI. I’m incredibly loyal to the original CSI, even though I’m thinking there’s a chance it might have jumped the shark last year when they split the team up. It’s better this year, but it’s not at it’s prime. And though The Office started out incredibly slow, it’s grooving nicely now and I’m totally into it … not to mention I so want Jim and Pam to get together. Sadly, my TiVo doesn’t let me record one show and watch another, I have to watch what I’m recording. This isn’t good … my short term fix has been to make my mom and dad watch CSI tonight and record it at their place on their dvr, then I’ll watch it over there sometime next week. I’ll watch the first half of CSI tonight, and unless it’s really good, i.e. lots of Greg and Sara banter, I’ll probably switch out at 9:30 pm for The Office. Yeah, I know … collectively, let’s all say … “Amy, get a life !

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  1. Amy you gotta get a direct tv with dvr it records one station while you watch another!!!!! a little technical help from me to you !!!

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