Thank You for Your Hospitality !

Wow !!!

The girls in New England sure know how to throw a bash.

Boston was a hoot !!!

I met so many girls who are great, amazing chicas. Thank you for being so nice !

Mega hugs to all !  

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  1. Hey Amy!

    You found Red Bull after I bailed??? Where?? Did they have a secret stash somewhere at that hotel?? It was the “most” meeting up w/ ya in Bawstun!
    Thanks for all the insights & take care!


  2. Amy!!! I had the second funniest line of the weekend??? please tell me i was not looking in a mirror??? and if it was funny are you sure it was me??? Jenny

  3. Thanks Steve !! I hope my snoring wasn’t too loud !!! (Is that turbulence? No, Amy’s snoring) 🙂

    LOL Becki !!! It was great meeting you !!! Yes, it’s true … I have a Red Bull issue !!! lol 🙂 But it had nothing to do with the evacuation … that, as previously mentioned, might well be blamed on the White Castle !!! 🙂 Thanks for saying hola !

  4. Hi Amy, it was a treat meeting you in Boston at the elevators! Thanks for not minding me have that deer in the headlights look “oh wow AMY really is here!”, Thank you for coming out to FE2006 (and why DID you sneak that Red Bull into the hotel and did that have anything to do with the mysterious evacuation message?)

  5. Jenny !!! Everyone … Jenny had the second funniest line of the weekend … I’ll share it later !!! 🙂

    Pamela … so great meeting you, we’ll gab more next time I hope.

    Terri-Ann … bummer, I wish we could have met. I was on the 3rd floor Saturday afternoon for a bit – from 1:30ish until around 4:00, though in the future, you should always look for me first in the hotel bar !!! 🙂

  6. It was great to meet you, even if it was just for a few moments when they thought we might be evacuating.

    Hope to see you again some time.

  7. Hi Amy,

    I was at some of the workshops on Saturday and hoped to catch sight of you to say “Hello”, but didn’t see you. Amyway, I’m glad you had a great time!

  8. Amy it was totally my pleasure to meet you !!!! and to everyone out there she is not only beautiful but sweet and nice !!! really a sweeet lady thank you !and i owe you a big hug!!!!

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