Countess Amy

I know …

I haven’t posted a thing in like 4 days,

And when I finally do …

It’s just a butt quiz.

But hey … I’ve had an incredibly active week,

Personal acclimation and growth-wise.

Monday found me anxious,

Friday found me satisfied,

And exhausted …

From the day to day reality of implementing one’s transition.

So while I punch away finishing my posts so I can bring you up to speed …

Take a gander to see what sorta, kinda type of royalty dude or dudette you are !!

Me … I’m good with being a countess,

But I can’t believe it says I like to argue and debate !! πŸ™‚

You are a Countess! Ambitious, Determined, Resourceful!
Breathtaking and charismatic. You will never take no for an answer,
and will work to achieve your goals.
You demand a lot from yourself and others, and dislike incompetence.
You are business-motivated and/or interested in politics.
You seek positions of power and authority.
You are intelligent and career oriented.
You also may like to argue and debate.
Overall, an amazing woman who is a force to be reckoned with!

Which Royalty Are You? Find out! By Nishi.

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  1. Well well who would of thought;

    You are a Queen!
    Beautiful, Wise, Strong
    Righteous, Commanding, Humble

    You are the beautiful and compassionate Queen. You are the epitomy of what every woman should be. You are confident, bold, aggressive, smart, womanly and feminine. You know the right thing to do and do it. You command respect and earn praise. You are moral and loving. In times of trouble, you draw strength from within, and are a source of strength for others.

  2. As Mel Brooks said, “It’s good to be the King.”
    And guess what, Ladies?
    I’m a KING!
    So, aaah, as a non, do I fit into the heirarchy somewhere?
    Hmmmmmm. I think I like this.
    (But I don’t mind at all being the older bro’.)

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