Silent Amy

I’ve been quiet in a couple of different ways recently …

Very little postage,

And I’ve lost my voice.

The latter definitely not being good for one in my line of work.

About 4 weeks ago,

I woke up one morning with two bumps on my nose …

Slightly below its bridge.

The one on stage right was noticeable, but not that large,

However, the one on stage left was not only noticeable, but quite large in my opinion.

I was phreaked AND perplexed.

They sort of looked like the indention on your nose where the pads of your eyeglasses sit if you’ve worn them for days on end,

But in my case,

I hadn’t been wearing glasses during the day.

(Though they did offer some assistance for reading, my glasses were primarily props that I used for the switch between boy and girl … you know, that whole Clark Kent thing. Joe wore glasses, I don’t (unless it’s at night and I’m reading or during the day when I’ll wear contacts if I’m doing bookoo reading.))

I was quite confused,

Nothing there when I went to bed,

Two bumps there the morning after.

They felt sorta like soft cartilage …

Not quite part of the bone structure,

But clearly appeared to be part of my nasal architecture.

And if I pressed down on the bumps,

I could flatten them out so they weren’t noticeable,

Except they’d pop back out in about 2 minutes,

And there seemed to be some skin discoloration around the bumps …

They looked lighter in color than the surrounding tissue.

At first I thought maybe I was just being the hyper-critical person I can be at times when it comes to me …

But Mom and Dad both noticed them the same day I did.

So I waited out the day to see if they subsided,

But they didn’t.

And the following day I called Dr. Z.

Unfortunately, he was on vacation,

But his assistant Chris asked me to try and take some pictures to of the bumps, e-mail them to him and she’d also pass the message along to him.

Now I did try to take pictures,

But my camera couldn’t get enough of a focus as close as was needed to see the bumps.

I know, I know … that makes it sound like the bumps were minor,

But they really weren’t.

You could clearly see them.

Anyways, Dr. Z called me back about 2 hours after I had called him …

And I explained the scoop.

Being 9 months out since my FFS,

He was perplexed on what it could be,

And I’m sure my description of it didn’t help.

But we made plans for me to go see him a week ago yesterday …

And that’s exactly what I did.

Now in the intervening couple of weeks,

I did massage the area,

As the bumps would subside with massaging,

Though always quickly return.

I really didn’t see any long term reduction in their presence,

So I was anxious to see Dr. Z,

And when he saw what I was talking about,

He was like “hmmm, I see exactly what you’re talking about and (pressing the areas to see them subside and return) don’t know what it could be.

He then comforted me telling me we’d get rid of the bumps,

But that he’d like to watch them for a bit to see if they go away on their own,

Similiar to how they appeared overnight,

And that hopefully we’d be able to identify what caused them.

However, if they don’t subside,

He could try some steriod shots to the bumps and possibly some fat injections to cover them up,

If necessary, he’d go in and rasp them down.

So knowing we’d be able to rid myself of the bumps made me feel better,

But I was impatient and convinced him to give me a steroid shot at that visit to see if maybe it’d work,

Though I could tell he was thinking it was possibly related to a sinus issue …

As he kept asking me about it,

And was focused on how it developed overnight.

When he called me on Tuesday of this week,

As I was recovering from my food poisoning (I did ask him if the steroid shot could of caused it and he said it couldn’t) …

I told him that the bumps were the same as they were when he saw me.

He then asked me to get some Claritin and take that for 3-4 days to see if it helped at all,

Which I promptly did ! πŸ™‚

As of Friday night,

I hadn’t noticed any difference in the bumps on my nose,

Though I did lose my voice around 6:00 pm.

Then about 8:30 pm,

I was watching While You Were Out,

And there was a promo spot for an upcoming episode of Body Work

Showing a surgeon looking at this girl’s nose on whom he had previously done a nose job,

And she had a bump in the same spot as me and it looked just like mine !!!

The surgeon pressed down on her nose and said something along the lines of …I don’t know what this could be, we’re going to have to watch it of a while.

Sound familiar ?? πŸ™‚

YES !!!!

I’m not crazy !!!

This has happened to others !!

So I hopped on the ‘net to see if I could find anything related to it …

But googles for bump nose after effects and other such searches turned up nothing.

However, for some reason …

I decided to try and ice the bumps.

Now …

I don’t know if it was the massaging I’ve been doing the past month,

Or the steriod shot I received the week before,

Or the Claritin I’ve been taking since Wednesday,

Or the ice I put on my nose Friday night and Saturday night …

But today …

Though still present,

The bumps are considerably smaller than they were …

Smaller, but still there.

However, the area around the bumps is very red now,

And my left ear was clogged for about 6 hours today,

And I still don’t have my voice.

I have no clue if any of this is related …

And if it is … how,

But I’d figure I’d let you know what I’ve been experiencing and doing in response,

In case by chance anyone else develops similar …

Overnight nose bumps.

In the meantime,

Enjoy the peace and quiet until I get my voice back ! πŸ™‚

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  1. Bumps … that’s funny !! πŸ™‚ lol

    Sorry about that … the week did sort of just disappear on me, and I’m still struggling through a few posts that I’m using as a means to try and figure some things out … so there’s been a fair amount of self reflection the past week. πŸ™

  2. YIKES I don’t know, but it’s something I certainly couldn’t rule out a few weeks ago !! πŸ™‚ ROFLMAO

    I was like … “Oh, I so liked my new nose, it was pretty perfect, but now it’s regressing back to old nose … bad old nose.” πŸ™‚

    Anywhose … it’s almost back to new normal, though I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to speed as whether or not I’ve recovered … I mean, who better to point of my flaws than me !! πŸ™‚

  3. Starfish can grow new limbs if they lose one,so maybe your body is reacting by growing a new nose because it thought the nose job was an injury? πŸ™‚

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