Last Night With The UnUsual Suspects – 1


That’s me,

With my beer (on the see saw).

Miss Daisy’s car is in the background on the left.

My car is in the background on the right.

Singer’s car will be parked behind mine when she arrives shortly after this picture was taken.

Sister’s car is in the garage behind the big tree on the right.

And behind me, to the right …

Is the doghouse Hottie will be staying in if he doesn’t get his butt back home sometime soon so we can all hang out together again ! 🙂

You missed much fun last night !!!

Anyways, interested in seeing how I have totally thrown my shoulder outta whack ?? If so, then …


So this was my first time ever on a trampoline …

Any guesses on what happened next ?? 🙂

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  1. Seriously, the joy you are exuding these days is a beautiful thing and the photos are proof. Shaft wasn’t kidding…maybe you should give up the Survivor dream and head straight to the Man Show auditions!

  2. Wait, let me guess… You were auditioning for “The Man Show” as a girl on trampoline. I mean, you did have a beer in the picture. It brings tears to my eyes to think of your pursuit of excellence. You go, girl, chase that dream. Don’t let anything stand in your way. You can do it!

  3. Beer … A Trampoline … Someone With A Camera …. and Amy.
    No wonder your shoulder was thrown out of whack. Hope you are feeling better now.

  4. Hi Aims,
    That explains it…in that case, the picture looks about the right size for you. Good luck with it!

    Please could you have a shift through your e-mail? I sent you a couple of shots re: my facial feminisation surgery, which I had last Saturday. I had very similar stuff done to what you have had, so you’re my “role model” 🙂 It seems from your experience that the benefits really start to kick in about a month from the surgery, when the swelling goes down and things start to settle nicely. Does that sound right?

  5. Hey Tamsin !! Oh, in those pictures I’m wearing my fake boob additioooooons !! 🙂 I don’t always wear them, but if I’m going to be around people that I hope to be hanging out with after the implants, I just thought it’d be easier if I was, as far as they viewed, always about the same size … my implants won’t be much bigger than what I look like in the pictures that you see. I’m all into proportion … I just want a size that fits my body and look nice … I’m certainly not going large, in fact, I think Dr. Z is finding me a bit of an exception at how conserative I am when it comes to actual implant size.

  6. Hi Aims! I can’t help wondering why you want a boob job. I know the angle was “favourable” in the first shot, but bearing that in mind you still look quite amply endowed. Adding to it may make you look less well proportioned and could cause more trouble than its worth.

  7. Okay … just for the record … for all the rest of you that I owe e-mail replies to … do what ‘kenna did … just tell me to READ MY E-MAIL (it’s implied that I also have to respond). Seriously, it works !! 🙂

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