My Quick American Idol Review

Tonight they did the Country Music theme on American Idol …

And once again, I find myself in agreement with Simon Cowell.

This time with respect to his assessment of that particular genre …

I don’t like it and I don’t get it.

So me offering any sort of opinion on a country music performance is really misguided and misplaced …

But that’s not about to stop me from giving the follwing one line reviews of each person’s act and whether or not I think they are safe for the week (the lowest three vote getters are at risk each week, the person receiving the lowest number of votes gets kicked off):

Diana DeGarmo – Good. I think I’d kick her ass in a bar room catfight … she just seems to be to be fake and bitchy… but she’s a good singer and had a fair performance. Unfortunately, she was the first person to go and might easily be forgotten. At Risk.

Fantasia Barrino – I hated the dress, can’t stand her attitude and don’t think she’s as good of a singer as most seem to think. However, apparently I’m the only person that is of that opinion. Safe.

George Huff – I guess people like him like people liked Ruben Studdard from Idol 2. Now, I don’t dislike George like I dislike Studdard, but I don’t think George is as good as Studdard and I won’t miss him when he leaves. But he’s one of the few guys left and will get some of the chica vote. So for a while, he’ll be … Safe.

Camile Velasco – Cute. She looks like an American Idol … actually, last night she looked like Skipper, a sober Skipper that is … however, she didn’t do well as she sounded like she was out of tune and was screaming the entire song. I like her though, so I hope she sticks around. Safe.

John Stevens – He’s a one trick pony with the whole Frank Sinatra thing. He did a good version of King of the Road this week, in spite of forgetting the lyrics at one point, but he’s no American Idol. At Risk.

Jennifer Hudson – She started out weak, not doing well on the low notes … but she looked much cuter than normal and has great stage presence … I really like her, but I think I’m one of the few. Safe.

Jon Peter Lewis – My personal favorite, but his song choice was poor and he was out of tune last night. Hopefully the fact that he’s the only cute guy left will help keep him around, though I’m starting to lose the attraction I had to his geekboy personality … he’s starting to feel a little bit arrogant. Safe.

Jasmine Trias – She did a Faith Hill song, Breathe, but it was a weak rendition. Though I think she’s really hot, her pitch for the song was all wrong and she just didn’t belt it out with any passion. Maybe her past performances though will keep it okay for this week, in spite of the lack luster performance. Nonetheless, At Risk.

Matthew Rogers – I just don’t like his voice and despite the goatee, I really don’t think he’s that cute at all, he just doesn’t work for me. I won’t miss him, but he’s probably got a life for a few more weeks. Safe.

La Toya London – She has a good voice, can work a crowd and actually seems nice; however, she doesn’t feel like an American Idol to me. Though of the group of people that don’t feel like American Idols to me in this final group of 11 … I like her the best. Safe.

Amy Adams – I like Amy. I mean, she does have a great name and all. πŸ™‚ But she’s one of the weaker singers left, in spite of the fact that she certainly performed well last night. Safe.

My Best Guess: The lowest three vote getters will be Jasmine Trias, John Stevens, and Diana DeGarmo. It’ll come down to between John Stevens and Diana DeGarmo with John Stevens being sent packing.

By the way, I’m still way bitter that Clay came in second last year behind the one trick pony, can’t do anything but sweat and pretend to be Barry White, Ruben Studdard. Oh well, at least Clay has a singing career. Ruben will just have to be content selling fat man sweatshirts with various area codes stitched on the front.

On a final note, let me just end by stating the obvious … “Yeah, I know, I need to get a life.” πŸ™‚

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  1. ohh…skipper’s all-mighty overseer/golf mom is going to be irate…amy’s gonna be in trouble! (yes, law school has rendered my maturity back to the 4th grade…)

  2. I think she’d make a great AI, but unfortunately she is one of the weakest singers … she said afterwards that was like the first time she sang country … she definitely has a future in that arena ! πŸ™‚

    Right now … I’m leaning towards La Toya London and Jon Peter Lewis (JPL as he’s known on the ‘net) as the two finalists, but so much can change as they have to do different styles over the upcoming weeks.

  3. Made me wanna get up and dance! She was just groovin to it so well…

    If she doesn’t get A/I, she’ll make a VERY good living singing country.


  4. That would be Amy Adams … she has a lot of personality and seems like a blast … she’s one of the weaker singers left, but her performance last night was definitely her best. I thought it was great too !!

  5. Re: Idol

    Who is the chica with the pink hair. I just LOVED her performance last night. While I’m no country lover, I just found her singing sooo well done, so hot…that I was mesmerized.


  6. Thanks for the Average Joe update iMom !! πŸ™‚ A fellow jedi is really into the Average Joe series and her comments had also caught my interest in the series … I’ll definitely make it a point to tivo it and watch. Generally though I have a hard time getting into Reality TV shows that I don’t have an interest in applying … though I did watch The Littlest Groom … gawd, I really do have a television problem.

  7. Yes, it was a compliment ! πŸ™‚ Besides, I couldn’t say she looked like a wasted you … because, well, heck … she wasn’t topless !!

    *snicker* πŸ™‚

    (Skipper’s Golfing Mom — I’m just kidding about the topless thing !)

  8. a sober me? hmm…i’m taking that as a compliment…if only she could be half as cute as me wasted…

  9. Yeah! Get a Life!

    You need to start watching Average Joe: Adam Returns! They turned the tables this time and Adam is the Average Joe who gets to choose between 20 Average Janes to find a mate.

    It’s sooo cute! If you didn’t know, Adam was the Average Joe who was spurned in the first series by Malena (bitch!). She went for the pretty boy, Jason, and it didn’t work out. I guess she got her Karma.

    Average Joe 1 details are here.

    The same thing happened in Average Joe: Hawaii when Larissa chose the pretty boy Gil instead of Brian, who was just Wicked! He’s fram Bwasten, and a really romantic guy.

    Gil actually told Larissa on their hometown final date that he wanted to be an actor. What? Where did that come from? Is that the whole idea of why he was on the show? But it didn’t seem to matter to Larissa! Anywho, when she told Gil on their winning date she had dated Fabio, Gil called the whole thing off and just left her in Mexico.

    She could have had Brian, who had courted her in Bwasten on their last date, including a special date in Fenway Park. They kissed in center field! How romantic!

    Go read the whole Average Joe:Hawaii description.

    I know it is REALITY TV, but there is an element of romance in it, and I’m a sucker for that.

    So, you can plainly see I Have A Life!
    (ducking behind chair to avoid things being thrown at me!)

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