That’s Not Blonde

Once again … I’m experiencing Amy Hair Trauma …

Yes … I colored my hair again yesterday.

I’m totally distressed.

It so doesn’t look Amy.

I went to my home salon yesterday … but only for a color.

Strapping Hot Gay Dude cuts and styles my hair,

But Hot Window Display colors my hair.

And last time I got it colored … it was PERFECT !!!!!

Absolutely no post-coloring trauma on any level.

But unfortunately …

The unique combinatiooooon of highlights and random lowlights that we did last time …

Had some lasting effect.

So the combination this time … turned out darker than I like.

Now the people that work at my home salon know me and my hair coloring issues …

I’m definitely high maintenance.

Odd too …

Because for someone who does diddly squat with her hair …

You would think I wouldn’t be so consumed with its color … tint … shade … depth.

But I am … whatever. 😛

Anyways …

Hot Window Dressing suggested we even book a post coloring touch up for me right away … for this morning.

She was booked, they are always booked …

But she was going to come in early to perform any necessary Amy Color Triage.

Obviously she knows me very, very well.

Though later in the day yesterday …

I felt bad for making her come in early and was thinking I was just over reacting …

So I called and cancelled the emergency follow-up.

However as I sit here right now … bad, bad decisiooooon on my part.

I just don’t look like me.

Yuck !!!

Oh well …

I’ll get over it. 🙂

I’m pretty sure that my over reaction to my recent hair coloring is simply a misplacement of the stress I’m feeling over finally making fulltime plans and dealing with all this last minute krap. That this innocuous post is simply delay until I finish some fairly intense posts later today. That on some levels … I’m saying a multitude of things about my life with this pretty simply post.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s the case.

But in the meantime …

Maybe if I get one of these … I can distract people from noticing my hair color until I can get back to the salon.

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  1. amy–i thought you were never one to toe the line!

    Yodette–at first glance, i thought you said “transvestite verb”

  2. Yes … yes … I confess … I bribed Delia to say that !! 🙂

    Yeah … can you believe that ??? No … I’m not talking about the EMT units that were tending to a fallen patron when we arrived … I’m talking about them not having fries to go with my hamburger … weak, terribly weak. Though the side salad they prepared for me as an alternative was scrumptious good. The hamburger on the other hand … 3 out of 10. Nothing special and a bit smwall … seriously, anything less than 1/2 pound just doesn’t count.

    Oh yeah, and yes Jeffrey … we were talking about you !!! 🙂

  3. Really and truly…

    Amy is quite lovely and her hair is just fine in both color and quantity.

    We had lunch and despite the EMTs and the lack of french fries, Amy and I had a chance to make comments about things most common to our existence…our hair dresser.


  4. ROFLMAO Yodette.

    Gawd Luv Ya Auntiesolder !! Thank you !! For the record … I am a natural blonde … I just have some gray strands with which I take issue … though Hot Window Display kindly refers to my gray hairs on my “non-pigmented strands” 🙂

  5. Jeeze Amy…you ARE high maintenance, aren’t you. I think you’re overreacting a bit hon, (unless of course you look like a shrub, in which case you should do the home color thing as soon as possible..)

    Chill…have a glass of Merlot, and tak a deep breath…

    Oh…and Yodette…what does “sussed it” mean?


  6. I wish I could understand your comment Yodette (I’m not particularly bright). Who’s the Purple Goddess? Anyway, hair colour, hair schmolour: why don’t you buy some wash-in colour to tide you over until next time you can get to the salon, Aims?

  7. I believe you’ve sussed it. When you concentrate on what you can control, it creates an illusion of control to relieve the anxiety over what you can’t.

    The Purple Goddess doesn’t blog often, but she blogs well, doesn’t she?

  8. So, Amy-sweet, what IS your current hair colour? Could you post a pic, if only of part of your head so that we can see what this is all about?

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