Oppps …

Happy Birthday to You !

Happy Birthday to You !!

Happy Birthday to Skipper (f/k/a Summer Intern) and Geena !!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to You !

This time sung in my Michelle Branch voice.

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  1. For those [e]nquiring minds … desirous of knowing what the heck Shaft and Skipper are talking about … it’s a little poem …

    Weatherball red, someone’s giving head;
    Weatherball blue, we’re gonna screw;
    Weatherball green, monkey sex foreseen.

    Please accept my apologies in advance.

  2. totally a combo night regarding the weatherball …and, if i read the weather signs correctly, it will also be active tonight! exams are coming and stress needs to be released, you know. really appreciate your concern shaft!

  3. LOL And that’s why I so adore my British friends … you have such a kewl way of stating things !! 🙂

    Yuhp, yuhp … Miss Daisy did get some actioooon.

    And yuhp, yuhp … I have a wonderful crowd of friends.

  4. These last two posts are when your friendly British reader becomes really confused :-)))

    It seems that somebody got off with somebody else at the bowling meeting last Friday and that a splendid time was had by all.

    It’s nice to see you having such a great time of things, Aims! You obviously have a wonderful crowd of friends.

  5. thanks…feeling much better. still impressive how i refuse to let the graduation thing go, huh?

    tell everyone the weather ball was active last night, by the way!

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