Golfing with Morrie

So I’m golfing with one of my oldest friends … not old in his chronology … but old in that he and I have been friends since high school.

We went to high school together.

College together.

He was in my wedding.

And is pretty much the only person from my younger days with whom I keep in touch.

Since Shaft gave up golfing … he’s my only remaining golfing buddy locally.

So we went out golfing Saturday afternoon (I know, I had said I was just going to watch a ton of television, but he called and wanted to go golfing and I had begged off his last few times so I said “Sure“.

And as usual … the weather sucked when we golfed … the last two holes were pouring rain … heavy winds … actually, it really wasn’t rain … it was more like ice pellets … blowing sideways … it really hurt !!! And our hands were so frozen we could barely hold onto the clubs.

But that’s not the gist of this post …

The gist is that on the second hole …

He states,

I’m really intrigued by your Ex. What’s the story with her?

How wild is that ?? LOL The dude’s in my wedding, one of my best buds, and he’s interested in my Ex !! Hiliarous !!! LOL He’s cool … asking permission to even inquire first … and I gave Ex a resounding review … told him that though I have no say it in, I’d approve him contacting her … only after he had ended his current relationship, which for the most part has already ended … as Ex doesn’t deserve, nor do I think she’d be inclined to be, the other woman. He totally agreed.

Oh yeah … so he asked why her and I never got back together.

And on the 7th hole, par 4, which I bogied, I told him.

No shit?


Just proves my theory … everyone’s got something.

No shit.

Hey … do you think you could be an assassin, you know, like for the CIA? Could you kill someone if the government authorized it. Like with a sniper gun?

In a heartbeat and without a blink of the eye.

Me too.

Let me know if you hear of anyone hiring.

Yeah, I will. So, you’re a transsexual … wild. How come you didn’t tell me earlier dude?

Yeah, I am. Well, you know, it used to be embarassing to me, not anymore, but it used to be.

I suppose so. Hey, don’t tell anyone I’d really like to be an assassin, okay?

Unfortunately … though we discussed it somewhat casually throughout the rest of the round … amongst other things … it wasn’t enough of a shocker to disrupt his round … and despite the inclement weather … he shot an 88 while I stumbled in with a 97.

But hey … I played from the Boy’s Tees !! What do you expect?

And … I forgot to mention in my post about Hottie and Tenant … both commented that they expected me to continue to play from the White tees … of course I objected and said the Red tees … to which both consented …

If I’m their playing partner, I play from the red tees … if I’m not, the gold tees (those between the whites and reds, often referred to as the senior tees, though as Hottie designated them, the Transsexual Tees … which I think we can abbreviate by calling them the TT’s. 🙂 )

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