Road Trip

Road trip today ….

Going to Chicago to take care of pre-admittance stuff for my upcoming face whacking … so cool. I’m excited !!! YEAH !! 🙂

Normally you’d do this stuff the day before surgery, but trying to work with my totally phorked up schedule and lack of control over my docket, they accommodated me by letting me take care of signing all of the waivers and krap a bit early … thus my road trip today … plus, this is an opportunity to go over once again the destruction reconstruction that’s about to take place on my phace.

You know, the whole purpose of this for me is passability … I just want woodwork passability rights … but on a side note, I hope after all is said and done … I’m also kinda hot ! 🙂

Peace out. Back later. 🙂

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  1. I do hope it all goes well,
    although i don’t think you really NEED it;
    but i realize that we can’t all be
    as naturally beautiful
    and modest
    as i am…
    if ffs makes you more content
    with how you present yourself,
    then, yes, it will probably be well worth
    the expense and, um, discomfort…

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