This is The Police

So I’m sitting in my office on Saturday afternoon ….

I’d say … 4:00ish or so …

And I hear some noise out in the lobby …

Sorta sounded like someone with maybe a dog.

One of the designers in the company that rents the other part of our floor often brings her dog to work and Shaft has dog treats for the puppy, so I thought maybe it was just them walking in to see if he was around … yeah right …

Anyways … I keep hearing it and decide maybe I should check it out …

So I look up from my computer … and what do I see standing in my doorway ??

A cop in attack position with his gun drawn staring right at me !!!!

Eeeek !! But I didn’t say Eeeek !!

Instead … in a totally calm fashion …

While keeping my hands on my desk so he could see them …

I said …

Can I help you officer?

I think that caught him off guard !! LOL

He lowers his weapon and says they got a report about a possible break-in at the building. I say …

Doesn’t surprise me, we get transcients in here all the time trying to find a place to crash or use the restroom. Come on, I’ll show you their hiding places.

So I take cop 1 and cop 2 for a tour of the building.

At the end they both say …

Wow, for as nice of a building as this is, your security is terrible.

No kidding, and we’re in the high rent district too. We griped, but they never do anything, we’ll just sue them when someone gets hurt. They omitted release and indemnification from the lease, and we weren’t about to point it out to them.

Anywhats ….

It was kinda exciting.

I’ve never had a gun drawn on me before, and it interests me that it didn’t even phase me …

Oh sure …

I’ve had threats, I received prison hate mail, I get hostile calls in the middle of the night, and I’ve been called some really bad words …

But I’ve never had a gun drawn on me before.


It wasn’t even on my life to-do list, so there’s nothing to even check off !!

Oh well. 🙂

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  1. last chance for cheesy jokes–

    did you have then
    or what?

    was it, perhaps,
    a STING operation?

    when you saw that gun,
    didn’t you want to say

    They do seem to have enjoyed the
    you took them on…

    but did you give them

    and after they left,
    didn’t you feel SO LONELY?

  2. hmmm…
    i don’t remember having a gun pointed at me;
    there was a time i was riding with a guy
    who had a gun pulled on him–
    i was wearing my seat belt,
    so the sudden stop and right turn without a road
    didn’t shake me up too much…

    and there was a time a psycho sex lover
    was planning to shoot me after sex…

    that’s one of several reasons
    i opted for celibacy…

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