The Usual Suspects – Summer

You know how when you were in school … and summer break started … and so many of your friends, pretty good friends … you didn’t see at all during the summer … and then when school started again … it was nice to see them … see how they changed … find out what they did during the summer ??

Well … Friday night was like the first day back at school for me … ’cause The Usual Suspects got together for a few end of the work week toddies … Joe Hairdy, Singer, Hottie, Sister and Shaft’s Twin (a really nice woman who looks nothing like Shaft, however she’s been known to utter a few Shaft-like phrases which earned her the name … Shaft’s Twin) … oh, and Shaft doesn’t drink with us … so he wasn’t there, never is.

This was the first outting for Singer since her baby … and she’s quite the popular person … so in addition to The Usual Suspects … there were several people there from her other circle of friends … I knew most everyone … though limited the majority of my interactions to the The Usual Suspects … as the others there, well that circle of friends is from her husband’s contacts … and they have an uncomfortable certain uncertainty with me … totally understandable. 🙂

Anyways …

Singer looks great … amazing how someone can have a baby three weeks ago and look that good … I really didn’t talk with her much, in fact, I’m uncertain if I actually talked with just her … I really don’t think I did … maybe a few token saluations when I first got there. It was great seeing her though. It was our first group setting like that … post complete disclosure … and nothing too odd, nothing too awkward.

Sister …. It was great to see her ! Sister is Sister for a reason. For some gawd-forsaken reason … she took a good-friend liking to me from our first meeting … and has exhibited sisterly caring for me on more than one occassion ever since … she remembers my birthday, she’s generous with her compliments to me and knows when I desparately need one, if she hasn’t heard from me in a while – she’ll check in on me, she knows what I am thinking, she’s full of good common sense advice, and she pulls no punches when she feels it is necessary … we were able to get caught up pretty well with her summer … so sa-wheet. 🙂

Shaft’s Twin … I chatted with her quite a bit … she’s a blast ! The things she says … LOL

Hottie … Ahhh, whatcha think? 😉

I didn’t drink too much … three Michelob Ultras and two big glasses of H2O carrried me through the evening (I just can’t take the drinking and driving risk) … I had a comfortable mood going.

But you know what ??

I can’t say I had a good time. In fact, I had a pretty not-fun time. I’d give the evening an NF.

What made it NF was being there in boy-mode. I so hated it.

For the first time with The Usual Suspects … someone knew that Joe Hairdy is a fraud … I think that made me less interested in performing as such … even if the only person who knew was Singer. But heck, I’d been with the full Usual Suspects line-up and Shaft is there for that and it’s never bothered me like it did Friday night to be in boy-mode.

So I really can’t say that my despising being in boy-mode had anything to do with someone being there who knew my secret … I actually don’t think it did … this was a different feeling … a feeling of impatience.

A feeling of impatience that was closely approaching attitude.

That was the first time it ever occurred … and I suspect it might again.

I find the feeling and its time very interesting.

Oh well. 🙂

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