Merry New Year

Happy New Year All !!!

May 2008 rock for all of you !!! 🙂


  1. The Happy New Year sentiment isn’t a real AmyNews post, is it?

    About time for the next quarterly post isn’t it?

  2. Wow !!! That’s quite the astute observation ! I hadn’t thought of that, good point and congratulations !!! 🙂 I was disappointed, as I am a Patriots girl … but it was a heck of a game and I scored TWO Coors Light t-shirts they were raffling off at the bar, so as for me … it was a winning night ! 🙂

  3. Giants win!! I think it’s fitting that a Michigan State alum caught the winning pass and that a Michigan alum failed his team in the end.

  4. If we did, gold would be somewhere north of $20,000/t.o.!

    The private theft and public malfeasance of the last six years has been on such a grand scale it beggars the imagination. Is there a fix without great suffering? I doubt it. The robber elite used the global housing bubble to grab a last big bite of the economic pie before the decline of oil production collapses the world economy.

    Do we feel robbed? We should.

  5. The Feds have a stark choice. Open the liquidity valve and create Weimar Republic style inflation, or keep rates high and spiral into a deflationary Greater Depression. If Bennie chooses runaway inflation, nominal real estate prices may be maintained, but the cost of everything else will skyrocket. Without MASSIVE inflation real estate prices will continue to fall, wiping out trillions of dollars of equity and most of the major financial institutions. To quote Gozer the Gozerian:


    Anyone for toasted marshmallows?

  6. I pretty much drank my way through macroeconomics, so I bring little to the table in this discussion … though if I have to venture a guess, I’m going to go with "C". 🙂

  7. So Amy, what’s your take on the Fed’s decision to lower interest rates by 0.5% today? Do you think we need that kind of economic stimulus?

  8. do you have to list Valentines day in the upcomming Amyness??? it was the day i got fired last year and its still a little sore for me ….. how about you rename it something else??? HUGS Jenny

  9. Happy NY to you as well! Take care with all that dang snow. Oh, and yay for Michigan. Although, I was thoroughly unimpressed with Florida’s QB. Heisman winner? Cough …

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