Camera Phone Mis-Kue

Usually I’m fairly decent about seeing when …

A guy is making a move.

Either on me or on someone else.

Or maybe not even making a move,

But posturing themselves to help preserve their opportunity to make a move …

At a later time.

Though Saturday night,

I totally missed the boat on seeing one such move-type-thing coming,

Until I had already been suckered into it.

So in the spirit of sharing my mistakes,

As to help you avoid making the same ones …

Here’s how I easily ended up giving a guy my real mobile phone number,

Without even realizing I did until it was too late.

Saturday night …

Baby, Sister-In-Law and mwah went to the local comedy club.

Now for those of you who have never been to a comedy club before,

Usually it’s not a good idea to sit stage front …

As you tend to attract the attention of the comedians.

Attention meaning becoming a butt of their jokes.


That’s where we found our seats when we got there,

And with the first comedian …

I was the designated butt.

Nothing bad,


I was the punchline of a “Do the curtains match the carpet?” joke,

And a running gag of how I allegedly was always looking at his crotch,

As if hypnotized.

Now being the attention whore that I am …

Of course I loved the attention,

And played along good naturedly.

It was a good night of comedians …

Everyone taking the stage was hilarious.

Very, very good,


After the show I started gabbing with the comedian that was joking about me being hypnotized by his crotch,

And he thanked me for being fun about it.

To commemorate the event,

I took a picture of us.

I know !!!

What a surprise !!!

Me … taking a picture.

Go figure.


He asked to see it,

So I showed him.

It was a good picture …

And he asked me to text it to him.

So I did.

And as soon as I hit SEND …

I realized I was a moron.


He was a good guy and all,

Seemed very nice.

But I totally suspected I was now going to get a call later that night.


What guy really wants a picture texted to him?

No guy does,

He was just feigning the want to capture the digits,

So I thought.

Turns out I was right …

As I received more than one call from him later that night.

But …

I’m a musician groupie,

Not a comedian groupie,

So oddly,

I never heard the phone ring.

Oh well …

Lesson learned.

I hope you don’t fall for the “Oh, text me that picture” line unless you want the person to whom you’re sending the picture,

To also have your digits.


  1. Happy New Year Amy and everyone else!!! I pray 2008 will be better than 2007 it has been a year I do not want to remember please wish me luck?

  2. Merry Christmas to you Jenny and of Course Amy… Have a great New year; May it bring all your dreams to reality 🙂


  3. Amy I just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! i tryed an email but never heard from you and I know you read this everyday so Merry Christmas!!!! and Happy New Year ! take care Jenny

  4. So how come no one is chatting? is everbody “too busy” well I hope all are well and ready to celebrate Christmas and with that said I wish you all a Merry-Amy Christmas and a Happy-Amy New Year !!!!

  5. Amy sounds great but i will not be this year work at night i sleep in the day its so screwy…. i am on my way to bed now as i can not stay up any longer…good night!

  6. It was a fun concert. I bought a ticket moments before it started and went by myself. My only advice … near the end of the first half when the narrator says they are “nearing the end of the story”, break for the restroom … because those guys work hard and don’t take a real break, but if you’ve had any beers in advance of or during the show … you’re going to need a break, and you definitely don’t want to miss any of the second half of the show ! 🙂

  7. Amy sometimes i am so dull…. i have a few of their cd’s they are FANTASTIC!! i should go see them …. i am glad you enjoyed!!!

  8. Yo chica !!! It’s the Tran-Siberian Orchestra. It was a pretty kewl concert … I thought the first half was a little slow in spots, but the second half definitely rocked. Well worth the price of admission. Long show too … darn near three hours with no break.

  9. Amy is going to play a some what crazy viper pilot ..instead of a table dancing jedi hhmmmm …. I think it might work! yes she will be fantastic! hey Amy will you be at first event in January? Hugs Jenny

  10. Holy Krap Miss Daisy !!! I remember that !!! LOL Though if I’m not mistaken, I think my “Hi, My name’s Amy, and I’m an alcoholic … Oh wait, wrong group.” opening joke went over quite well … there definitely was a healthy round of sympathy laughs !!! 🙂

    Love you too ! Hope to see you sometime soon !!! Visit us up here for the holidays … we’ll round up some of the old band and play those familiar tunes … Jaegar Bomb – Jaegar Bomb — rah rah rah ! 🙂

  11. You are a attention whore darling. I remember this club in Saugatuck and I was on stage doing my comedy act and this bleached blond chick actually got on stage and wrestled the mic from me. Hmmm… I wonder who that was! LOVE YOU! Miss Daisy

  12. Amy are you getting my emails? i am having comp troubles so i am not sure but i never did get an answer about what your halloween costume was this year? how about how was your thanksging? well anyways i hope i hear from you take care Hugs Jenny

  13. Unrelated to the point just a thank-you. your postings are important to lots of people and a merry holiday to you

    be happy


  14. Shouldn’t there be some comment on a football game that was played on Saturday??? Or was that the Saturday before? Go Lakers! (They also wear blue)…LOL

  15. Something tells me he didn’t tumble to your function. 🙂

    I enjoy lobbing snarky comments at comedians, but it’s long time since a randy young comedians might want my number.

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