Mwalling With Jack

What’s the purpose, really, of having a CTU ID tag, if you don’t need it to get back into the CTU building?

And if you do need it to get back into the CTU building, how did Sam-wise get back into the CTU building so quickly after getting rolled like a pretzel in the parking lot? Hmmmmm … I ponder. 🙂

I swear, Mike Novick is like phreaking Golam … “Ooooo Precious, don’t tell the people what Cummings did. You don’t need to now, Precious.” I’ve never been a huge Mike Novick fan, I think President Palmer should of cut him out long ago when he betrayed him, but now, I’m not sure if he’s the Jack Bauer of political aides or a traitor, either way, they are sure making it smell like he had something to do with Cummings questionable suicide.  

The representative from the great state of konfusion moves that whenever someone has to be told a family member of their’s dies in the show, Chloe is the person that has to deliver the news … “Your husband was a traitor and worked for the terrorists. He was bad and now he’s dead. Get over it. I have to go help Jack Bauer now.

Didn’t Sam-wise seem a little too eager to nerve gas the mwall ??? I think he still harbors some bitterness over not being allowed to open his chain of adult toys retail stores in the mall … Sam-wise Goodies. (Yeah, I know, not a good one. I think it had potential, I just couldn’t execute on this one. Sorry.)

One kill … with the legs. Oh so silly terrorist. Don’t you know that if you handcuff Jack Bauer, it’s a death sentence for you !!! Jack Bauer Kill Kount is now at 9. That’s actually fairly light for Jack after this many hours. I guess he’s a bit soft after taking a year off and all.

And seriously, what’s the idea handcuffing Jack Bauer to a tiny pipe??? I really thought he was just going to lift the table.

Please, please, please, please …. please tell me Kim Bauer was dining in the food court that day and hour !!!  🙂 Holy krap !!! Someone that recorded the show … check out the chick they focus on after Jack saves the little girl. The woman is on the food court floor, blonde, and wearing what looks like an apron suggesting she works in the food court. Was that Kim ???

A terrorist breached the CTU perimeter … what are the odds? Ahem, that would be 100% !!!

I’ll bet Jack is going to get in trouble for not following the President’s order of letting all those people in the mwall die. Whatever. President Logan … Do you think he’s a Viagra, Levitra or Cialis man ??? ‘Cause clearly he requires assistance since he appears stoneless most of the time.

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  1. I have a big problem with Logan besides the fact he is spineless I think he has a problem formulating sentences. Definitely a Viagra user he needs a quick fix and does not seem like he can handle anything that would last 36 hours.
    As for Kim I will be cheering when they do kill her off it can’t happen too soon. Finally I am not sure about Mike Novick he must have a hidden agenda.

    Too Bad about David Palmer Jack is running out of friends.

  2. Ahhh Howie … very astute observation my man. His choice of words there struck me as odd too, but I couldn’t quite place why. I think you’re right.

    The First Lady sort of bothered me some too last … why in the world did she disclose what she did to her assistant ??? That’s going to come back to haunt her.

  3. I’m actually starting to have a problem with President Logan’s character. The problem is that he is starting to strike me, quite often, as. . . a character.

    He has been made so spineless that it’s interfering with my suspension of disbelief necessary to enjoy the show. His lines are starting to seem stiff, contrived, and laughable to me. For instance, when he started yelling about needing “results” versus “trying” with regard to CTU’s efforts, there was just something unreal about his outburst and the words.

    Maybe that’s the point. Maybe we’re supposed to know that he’s aware of his own wussiness and, in those instances of yelling, he’s just overcompensating in front of certain folks. Whatever, it just wasn’t ringing true for me last Monday. Besides, he’s been on the job for a while and needs to have grown into it a bit.

    It’s back to work for me. See y’all.

  4. He’s a Cialis man: As with any ED tablet, in the rare event of priapism (an erection lasting more than four hours), seek immediate medical help to avoid long-term injury.

  5. Hey Amy — I had to record the show for the hubby. I’ll check out the chick they show after Jack saves the little girl, see if it might be Kim. Get back to ya later.

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