Badger’s Down, Badger’s Down

I so love the 24 formula …

You just knew there was a different set of terrorists coming into the scene soon,

But I didn’t expect Badger, a/k/a Yellow Tie Guy, to get gutted like a fish so early in the episode.

Sweet !!! Knife killings are so personal.

Don’t worry though peeps, he’ll be resurrected in another Fox show at some point.

Sam-wise is nuts. Simply nutz. President Logan is … well, I’m not even sure what the proper word would be. But whatever it would be, it would not be construed as a compliment.

Wow, Jack took out Curtis. That was hard for Jack, he likes Curtis, I know he does, didn’t you hear him tell him “don’t fight it”.  Curtis … Jack’s new Tony. Speaking of Tony … we haven’t seen him in a while, I guess he’s still doing his JFK impersonation. What ??? Come on … it was just a joke !!! Though in other “we haven’t seen them in a while” news, Kim didn’t make an appearance, which is a blessing. Did any of you check out to see if that was Kim that died in the food court last week?

Is it just me, or did Audrey look hot in those librarian glasses? Wait a second, rewind … does Audrey have a doinked up nose or what ? I think Jack went Bauer on her face. Check out her visual when Sam-wise is quizzing her if she had talked to Jack since he was in custody. And speaking of scary, yikes on Sam-wise’s krack-whore sister. Wasn’t she one of the zombies in 28 Days? Doesn’t Sam-wise have some security guys he could send over to rough them up a bit and retrieve his ID card ??? Hmmmm, I wonder if there’s more to his hesitation to use the power at his disposal than just not wanting to admit getting rolled like Bounty.

Is it possible that both Sam-wise and President Logan are bad guys ??? There was that hint about someone in the goverment still working for the bad guys. Maybe there are actually two people.

Just for the record … the whole Chloe and Audrey working together thing … it’s got a lot of geeks hot and bothered over the imagery. Though Chloe was a little pissy to Audrey when she found out Audrey had been helping out Jack. I sense cat-fight with Chloe killing Audrey. Maybe Audrey was all distraught over thinking Jack was dead after last season and she switched to the bad guys, but now that she’s found out he’s alive, she’s trying to undo her badness. Lame theory, I know. I’ll work on it. And yes, I know … I need to get a life.

Geezuz H. Kripes … give me a break President Logan. We’re the United States of America. For the luv of gawd, We DON’T negotiate with terrorists !!! Come on, we’re taught that in first grade. What is so difficult about this decision for you ??? They want the Russian President’s route plan … you simply tell them “Phuck Off”. It’s easy. (Reason number 42 why I’ll never be elected president … I’m a little too liberal with the ph bombs when talking to terrorists.) Swwwwwooooossshhh, Swosh. Did you hear that ??? That was President Logan’s testicles turtling right back into his body. Grrrrrr. I can’t stand him. Seriously, if any terrorist ever kidnaps me, don’t you dare negotiate with them. That’s not how you do it. Oh, I know …that might mean I won’t make it out alive, but trust me, my last moments of life will be incredibly miserable for the terrorists. “Yo Mo. Do you know why they tell you they have 69 virgins waiting for you in heaven when you die? Because they have plenty of virgins in your heaven, since Flohammed prefers goats. Goatrutter. At least my deity of choice knows how to satisfy a woman. Hey, I just spilled some coffee. Come over here and rub your head on the floor, will ya? Hey, be careful, remove the bombs first, they fight the absorbency.” Feel free to place bets on the over/under on how long I’d live before the terrorists kill me. I’ll take 6 minutes 42 seconds.

Quote of the hour – Chloe: “Upload the drive to my socket.” Hah !

Oh yeah, and Chloe’s socket access code is 5j55j, which for those of you slow on the uptake … is simply 55555 on a phone’s keypad.

Really, Can we make the First Lady president?

Jack knocked off two terrorists last night on the roof of a building that looked oddly familiar. I think we’ve seen people die on that rooftop before. Talk about a long distance kill with a 9mm handgun on the one terrorist … wow !!! One shot through the heart clear across from another building. You’ve been Bauered, now die. He also shot down a helicopter with that same 9mm, but it didn’t sound like anyone died, so I have to conclude they somehow landed the helicopter safely with no causalities in that ever spacious built-up urban environment. The new terrorist seemed to suggest that Jack killed three of his peons, but I think he was wrong. The first peon was killed by Traiter 2 in the warehouse. So Amy’s Official Jack Bauer Kill Kount is 11.

And last, but not least, this week’s Bauerism … “Jack Bauer turns off his alarm clock by cutting the blue wire.

Be Bop, Be Bop, Be Bop

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  1. Logan is less of a man than I am and I sure never thought of myself as a man. Maybe he would like to borrow my delestrogen, medroxyprogesterone, and spironolactone!

  2. I’m in total agreement. Daughtry might hang in there for a while, but I don’t think he or Taylor will win it. But I’m a guitarist-singer-songwriter type and, when I think about who I would want to take a stage with, it’s Taylor, hands down. I don’t really get him either, but I just enjoy watching him work. He’s an oddity and seems like a helluva nice guy. And he can blow a harp like nobody’s business. I was able to hunt down a few original recordings he did with his band in AL. They’re good. I hope he stays around long enough for everyone to see a few performances.

    I have a feeling he’s one of the best kept surprises on Idol. They haven’t shown much of him yet. And I may be conspiratorial, but I think Simon likes him more than he lets on. There was a segment during Hollywood week where Simon said, “Part of me wonders what he’s doing in this competition and the other part cannot wait to see what he does next.” I have a feeling he was talking about T-Hix.

    I think I might have a man-crush on him.

  3. Wow !!! Howie !!! You’re a man after my own heart !!!

    First of all, great insight on the First Lady’s action, plus nice reference to the other First Lady !! lol 🙂 I agree, I’m thinking that Novak gave them a bad route plan, but that based on the previews of next week and the Other First Lady’s reaction, I don’t think the President wasn’t in on the decoy idea.

    Second of all, American Idol Rocks !!! I’ve been addicted since year 1. Based on what I’ve seen so far of the boys, I agree, Chris Daughtry has a chance … he’s worthy and has the likeability factor. I’m with Simon though on Taylor, I just don’t get him and think the there’s enough people out ther that don’t appreciate his talents which would keep him from getting the votes needed to make it to the final four, in fact, I’m not even sure he’ll make it to the final 12. Stayed tuned till tomorrow morning my for American Idol Predictions !

  4. Scene of the night for me: Mrs. Logan getting into the limo with the Rooskies and sending word about it to the other Mrs. Logan. What an incredibly selfless and well reasoned decision.

    Her presence in the car will either (a) cause the president to order an alternate route (I’m unconvinced he gave the correct route anyway; I sense a redemptive sting operation by the prez) or (b) get her blown up so her death will serve as a huge piece of evidence that exonerates the prez from speculation that he was complicit in the attack. That’s a woman who loves her man and country. Why the man, I have no idea.

    Okay, chaning the topic, if not the channel, (I hope that’s okay here) I must admit to being an American Idol watcher and, for the last 2 seasons, even a fan. Last year and this year, they have had some people who I think are the “real deal” when it comes to music. Namely Bo Bice last year and Chris Daughtry and Taylor Hicks this year. As a musico, I want to hang out with those guys. They are legit; music and not just “a voice,” is IN them. Check’em both out tonight and thank me tomorrow.

  5. So I guess I wasn’t the only one yelling at President Logan last night (the girls were laughing at me). Not sure if they showed it in the previews but I can’t wait to see his reaction when he finds out the First Lady went in the Russian President. What happens if they can’t get them to detour in time? Stupid, stupid man. I seriously hate that man. Amy, don’t sell yourself short. I don’t think the terrorists would kill you but after about 10-15 minutes of your endless, oopps I mean extremely useful chitchat, they’d probably let you go while they ran out of the room screaming. Hee Hee!! Yep, love you too.

  6. Oh yeah … I forgot to add, did you see the previews for next week? Curtis appears sooooo pissed at Sam-wise, I hope he kicks his ass. And if Aaron dies saving the First Lady, I’ll be seriously bummed … I might even shed a tear.

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