Amy’s Idol Prognostications

This week’s 24 review can be summarized as follows:

Not enough Jack,

Too much Audrey,

Not enough killing,

Too much President Logan.

Aaron Pierce rocks.

Curtis rocks.

Bill Buchanan rocks.

Edgar wants to rock Chloe.

Next week episode is two hours long, (yes!),

It looks like we get to see Tony (yeah !),

And Kim (boo!).

Now to the important stuff today …

American Idol.

Girls were on Tuesday,

Boys were on Wednesday.

I was actually disappointed with the girls.

None of them really seemed to bring any spark to their performances.

The girls with the best voices are: Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett, Katharine McPhee, and Mandissa.

Of the best voices,

Mandissa had the best performance for mass consumption of the night.

I was actually surprised at how uninspiring Lisa and Katharine’s performances were for me,

And though Paris showed off her voice nicely,

It was pretty dern boring. Hey ! (As Taylor Hicks would say.)

My personal favorite,

Kellie Pickler,

Actually had a good performance …

But even she seemed a little off,

And her voice didn’t pack any wallup.

I’m afraid with Kellie they are playing up her story too much and it might actually cause her to lose votes,

Even I as a fan am getting sorta sick of it.

Not to mention …

She hasn’t had the confidence growing moment yet,

Like Carrie did last year when she sang Alone,

And Kellie needs to get the confidence that she can be the Idol …

If she’s going to continue deep into the competition.

Mandissa has the confidence factor right now,

And she’s likable.

So as of today,

Mandissa is the top chica.

I hate Brenna,

I understand they need someone for people to dislike,

Because that creates interest,

But at least she could be good.

Brenna sucks.

And did you see how she stole Ace’s beanie with he tossed it to the Puppy Pound?

Skank bitch whore.

Brenna is gone.


Everyone one of my friends can do a better kareoke version of Last Dance than she did Tuesday night.

Also …

Heather Cox was exceptionally lame.

So she goes too.

Jot it down kids …

You heard it here first,

Brenna and Heather are eliminated tonight.

As far as the boys go …

Chris Daughtry, Elliot Yamin and Taylor Hicks,

Are far and away …

Above and beyond the others in talent,

Though Ace is a good showman and can sing, too.

Chris was really good last night,

Phreaking great …

The best by far.

Elliot was also tasty,

Though will some dentist please do some free dental work on the poor boy.

Elliot is my emotional favorite,

Though I gotta admit,

Chris really impressed me last night.

Another performance like that …

And I might be on the Chris-wagon.

Taylor says Hey! way too much when singing.

I know he’s good,

But I still just don’t get him.

Of everything he’s done,

I liked his performance last night the best,


Four Hey!s in the final lyrics wore me out.

It’s a nervous thing,

Rookie singers add “ahhhh” to the end of a lyric quite often,

Before a coach smacks them down for doing it.

So Taylor …

I’m smacking you down … STOP IT !!!


Those boys are safe.

Sway needs to go,

And either Will or David,

I’ll say David.

So there you have it …


Brenna, Heather, Sway and David are going home.

You should still watch the show though,

Because I could be wrong,

And then you get to taunt me about it.

Or actually,

You could do what I do …

Watch Survivor,

And then follow the blow by blow summary on the American Idol forum board to find out who gets kicked off.

I mean really,

The American Idol vote show is 98% filler material.

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  1. Amy, by the way, my girlfriend says that if you’re on the Chris wagon, you must get behind her. She’s been on that ride since his very first audition. Him walking out of the audition with the ticket in his hat and the ensuing hug from his wife has been her favorite moment so far.

  2. FOUR FOR FOUR. You so called it. Of course, I’m taking a well-earned ride on your coat tails since I so agreed witchoo.

    Amy, I live in Arizona, right across the Colorado River from a whole bunch of casinos in Nevada. So… if you want to feed me any sports picks or anything, feel free. I mean, if you know who’s gonna win the NCAA hoops, c’mon with it. Though I don’t think they’re taking bets on Idol.

    Tara, Chris could win this whole thing. I didn’t think so until last night. Now I do.

  3. IMHO…I think Chris will go all the way…so far as I can see, no one can touch him – guy or girl. Of the girls…I think Mandisa will out last the rest of the female competition. We’ll see…

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