Amy Sighting

Solely for safety reasons, I usually don’t announce in advance places where I’ll be, but I’m going to make an exception to the rule here, just in case any of ya’ll want to meet up with me for a Coors Light, Red Bull, and/or some Slyders. I’m going to be at the First Event convention in Boston over the weekend of January 20 – 22. I wasn’t asked to speak or anything (So sad, because really, I’m a stitch !!! Okay, maybe not a stitch, but time flies when I’m on the panel. Wait a second, maybe that’s not right either, yeaaaah, scratch that … in reviewing my notes from my last appearance, I guess time stands still when I’m on the panel. Sorry about that. 🙂 ), so I’ll most likely just be wandering around aimslessly, entertaining troops at a nearby bar, or hustling pool … so if you’re in the mood and see mwah … please say ‘hi’ !!! I love meeting real live people !!! 🙂

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  1. No no no no nooooo … I only do the exposed thang in the privacy of the Amy Cave, I’m no flasher …

    However, in public forums, I AM the one you need to keep an eye on when there’s a microphone around, ’cause I have no problem doing yet another scary impromptu, stand-up routine. 🙂

    Hellooooooooo Bostone !!!

    Seriously, keep an eye on either me or the microphone. 🙂

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