24 Is Back (And Looking a Bit Like Die Hard 2)

One of my favorite television shows which FOX hasn’t been so stupid to prematurely cancel (honest to gawd, I swear, look at their track record of having the patience of a gnat when it comes to letting a new show take hold … The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., Firefly, The Family Guy … seriously people, I should be in television programming) is 24. Suspend reality, watch all kinds of things blow up and never, ever know who they will kill off next. It’s like Cinnabon … bad for you, but a guilty pleasure none the less. Spoiler krap, so don’t read any further if you don’t want to know: I’m so sad President Palmer got assassinated. I loved President Palmer. Apparently we now have our first female President in the show, because President Logan is a pussy. (I know, tasteless and krude, but hey, sometimes you just have to go with the easy joke).  A part of me died when Michelle died, but when she was listed as a “Special Guest Star” in the beginning, I knew it didn’t look good for her. Did I see it right ? Did half of Tony’s head get blown off ?? Even so, in 24 reality, he’ll be in the field with Jack in 4 hours. Frank Jack Bauer rocks ! Current Jack Kill Count: 3 (I think). I’m guessing 16 before the day is done.

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  1. Whew … I’m glad to hear that Howie !!! I agree, seriously, President Palmer didn’t pick his friends lightly … if him and her were friends, there’s substance to her. Have we seen a vice-president yet??

  2. Spoiler? What…did you think we could wait a day or so to watch it? No, you’re mistaking me for someone with greater patience. My girlfriend got home about 15 minutes before it ended and we were watching the tape 16 minutes later. Something that’s really frustrating me though: People not believing Mrs. Logan. That’s gonna get old for me really fast.

  3. Hey Howie !!! Opps … sorry if I spoiled anything for you about the episodes. I’ll delay my posts on them for a bit in the future. I saw that Family Guy episode you were referring to with the cancelled shows … that was hilarious !!! 🙂 I agree, at least they give new shows a chance on FOX, I’ve just never gotten over Brisco and Firefly being cancelled, so I’m harboring some residual bitterness. 🙂

    I hear Allstate insures Jack Bauer. 🙂

  4. YES! Jack rocks. At the same time I hope our country doesn’t resort to torture, I hope there are real life Jack’s out there doing what’s necessary…making the sausage without me having to see it I guess. I’m recording 24 now, but swore not to watch it until my girlfriend gets home from work tonight. So…I post.

    I don’t get it though. Right after President Palmer buys it, I see him in an Allstate spot. Hmmmm.

    Fox does have a habit of cancelling fun, groundbreaking stuff, but at least they run it in the first place. The first episode of the reutrn of Family Guy did a great spoof on that that included a list of every show Fox cancelled since FG got canned. Hillarious.

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