Christmas Cards

I’m really not much of a Christmas card sender,

Though I always wanted to be.

I’ve tried to be such a person on occasion,


But something in my psyche just seems to interfere with any efficient delivery of Christmas cards on my part.

I think it’s partly because of this obsession of mine with personalizing everything.

I can’t just purchase a box of Christmas cards, sign my name and send out the cards to friends and family.

Instead, I have to find just the perfect Christmas card for the person/family I’m sending it to …

And then think of just right right thing to write on the inside of the card,

All before sending it.

My rough estimate is that on average I spend an hour per card after all is said and done.

Which means I’m incapable of sending many cards.

But then,

I don’t want anyone to feel left out in not getting an Amy card …

insert viewer suppliedAs if anyone would noticecomment 🙂

So I generally opt not to send any.

Now this line of reasoning is wrong …

Because I know,

From my own personal experience,

That a personalized card and message isn’t the point,

It’s sending the card …

And letting the person know you are thinking of them,

That is important.

I know this,

Because every Christmas card I receive from someone,

Means to me …

I’m being remembered.

And that means a lot to me these days.

As there are times now when I don’t feel like I have much of a past anymore …

Memories of good times to laugh about and recollect with friends. 

And having a past is important …

As we are the culmination of our experiences,

You know.


Christmas Cards now …

Seem to grant me a tactile connection to past.


My favorites are the cards with the pictures of my friends’ children on them.

I love those.

It’s the best seeing how the kids are growing up;

How much each child looks like their parents.

I love it ! 🙂

And for what now seems like ever …

I’ve gotten a holiday card from Tiger and Tiger’s Brain,

With a picture of their daughters on the front.

It has come to mean the beginning of the Christmas season to me,

As they are always the most timely in getting their cards out.

Received early, early in the Christmas season.

And this year,

Right on time …

I received their card.

It was the best hug snail mail could possibly deliver !!! 🙂

Christmas could begin.

Now I didn’t get a bunch more such cards in the mail this year,

Go figure, 

But each and every one I did get …

Brought a smile to my face.

Though earlier this week …

It popped into my mind,

That I hadn’t received my end of the Christmas season Christmas card.

Named such because it’s one with a history of not being sent after until Christmas,

And done so with confidence. 

It’s from another in my undergrad connection,

And though the end of the Christmas season Christmas card does not have the history as that of Tiger and Tiger’s Brain’s card …

I definitely noticed that I didn’t receive one,

As the sender,

Along with some of her friends who I’ve gabbed/e-mailed with on occasion over the past year or so …

Gave me an incredibly comforting stability of past,

Even though we really didn’t have much of one …

Other than drinking at Tiger and Tiger’s Brain place in the 80’s.

Now as I do when I don’t receive a card from someone,

I try not to take it personally …

And in this case,

I really didn’t.

I was bummed I hadn’t heard from them,

But also worried that something was wrong on their end.

I’ve really got to send her an e-mail,

I thought, 

And Reporter too.

Good folk they are.

But then today …

In my mail,

I received …

My end of the season Christmas card.

I got goose bumps when I saw the back of the envelope,

And recognized that it might indeed by a Christmas card.

When I turned it around and saw the return address,

I smiled and had to blink away a watery eye.

Damn hormones. 🙂 

Who would of thunk a Christmas card could do such good?

I’ve learned my lesson people,

I’m definitely going to send Christmas cards in the future …

Though please don’t be offended if on the inside I simply write “Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/Great Festivus. If you want to know what’s happening in my life, go to my website. May The Force Be With You. Love, Amy” 🙂

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  1. Gotcha Tara !!! Anyone who wants a Christmas Card or an AmyMas Card, e-mail me your address as to where you want me to send it … if I can find some Christmas cards, I’ll get some out yet this year. If I can’t, you’ll get an AmyMas card. No wait … instead of an AmyMas card, I’ll send you a birthday card, so e-mail me your birthday too !!!

  2. If I had your address, I’d send you cards for every Holiday including your Birthday and Anniversary and well, leave it to me I’ll make soem up along the way 🙂

  3. I was laughing when I read your post, especially the part about “everything having to be personalized” – I could totally relate to that. This year I feared I’d get nothing out again, then realized; Christmas Season runs from 12/25 to 1/5 🙂 So, I just created a personal newsletter (not as nice as a personal customized note, but I wanted to send people some kind of greeting at least) … no I didn’t get them *all* out during that time, but as newsletters I can stretch my time some more 😉

  4. This year (for the first time ever) I got christmas cards from all my grandma, aunts, uncles and my fav niece (also a card with her daughters on it). I felt so lucky to get those …

    And I am getting better at sending them, I remember earlier and I also know who will receive one from me.

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