Mwore ‘Kenna Update

I spoke with Dr. Z just a short bit ago.

Surgery is all finished,

Kenna is fine, and

Everything went really well !!

Yay !! 🙂

Though interestingly,

Everyone in the OR wanted to know what she had for dinner the night before …

Apparently she had some really, really bad gas !! 🙂

Okay, really …

There’s absolutely no truth to that,

At all.

And she’s so going to kick my butt when she reads this.

But hey,

A little toilet humor every now and then keeps everyone on their toes,

And I’ll be long gone before she’s feeling up to smacking me for it ! 🙂

Though back to the important stuff …

Dr. Z said they finished up with surgery a little after 4:00 p.m.,

Which was nicely on the early end of his anticipated completion time,

Signifying to me that everything went according to plan.

Which means she’s on her way to being even more phreakin’ kute than she already is !!! *jealous girl grrrrrrrrrrr* 🙂

Anyways, she’s due back here in a few hours,

So I’ll post more after she gets settled into bed.

Though …

Thank you so much for your well wishes, e-mails and phone calls to her.

I know she appreciates it !! 🙂

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