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Zoinks !!!!! Yuhp … eventually … Hottie has to find out. Last night at bwolwing … it was just the three of us … Singer, Hottie and me … and Singer and I were sort of excluding Hottie from the conversation taking place at times … which I felt bad about … and … he is one of my close friends … so there’s honestly no reason why I haven’t told him before now, I mean, considering I’m his future wife and all 😉 … so I’ve made the request for some of his time.

It’s not the best “request for time” letter I’ve constructed, but I figured I’d share it with you since it was to Hottie and he’s sort of been mentioned here frequently 🙂 …


Hey. I know it was kind of obvious a few times last night that Singer and I were talking about something, and as soon as you returned, we stopped discussing whatever we were discussing. I apologize for that … it was rude. Sorry.

But anyways, that’s not the purpose of this e-mail. The purpose of this e-mail is to ask you for an hour or so of your time to tell you what Singer and I were talking about. You have the misfortune of being one of the few people I consider a friend, meaning you’re next on the list of people I’m bringing into the loop right now of a very personal challenge facing me.

I know it totally sucks tossing out a teaser e-mail like this without telling you the scoop, but it’s just easier face to face. I really don’t know how long it’ll actually take to give you the scoop, probably depends how many times you say “Holy Shit”, “What the …”, “Are they fucking crazy?”, and “Are you sure?”, but I’m guessing an hour is a good estimate. A bar or restaurant is a good meeting up place, though some privacy is preferred.

Today during the day I’m booked and tomorrow morning I am also. Other than that, I’m pretty open with my schedule the rest of the week. This weekend and next week are also good with me. Just let me know what works for you if you’re interested.

Thanks dude.


For what it’s worth … No, I’m not going to die as a result and no, I’m not gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with it. High Five.

Editor’s Comment: Seinfeld quotes permeate any conversation involving Singer, Hottie, Shaft, Sister and myself. No offense intended nor implied. It’s just how we speak with one another. As far as Disclosure time estimates … I honestly think an hour is a lousy estimate … but it might sorta be the “average”. In the course of my “Here’s The Scoop” speeches … I’ve found that they are either generally pretty short, i.e. 15 minutes to 30 minutes max, or extremely long … 2 – 3 hours. My best guess is that Hottie’s talk will be a short one … but I wanted to budget on the high side … and figured we’d be getting some food and/or drinks anyways.

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  1. *snicker* I sorta, kinda told Singer I’d tone down my references to Hottie’s yumminess … but I just couldn’t resist the future wife reference in my post ! 🙂 Though there is no doubt … it’s not information that he needs to be aware of just yet !! lol

  2. hehe, good thing you left out the “future wife” thing in your email to hottie. it’s best to reveal things slowly to guys, so as not to overwhelm their brains. jk! 😛

    ..claire, who’s sooo gonna feel stupid for this comment in the off-chance she doesn’t complete her transition

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