All In A Day’s Work

So yesterday I was working a case for a client …

Trying to work a technicality in his favor.

But it took some argument and persuasion on my part in the courtroom.

The judge and prosecuting attorney in the case are both very sharp …

So though I was sure I was right in my interpretation of this quirk of the law,

I wasn’t 100% confident since I’d never tried this pitch before,

And the prosecuting attorney didn’t seem to think the legal nuance I was relying on made any sense (just for the record, he’s right, it doesn’t make sense).

So I made my pitch (damn good one I might add :)),

And then the assistant prosecuting attorney stated his questioning of the logic of my interpretation …

After which we waited for the judge to make his call.

It doesn’t make any sense, and it can lead to some abuse, but Joe’s right, that’s the law.

You know … it feels so phreaking good when a judge tells you that you’re correct about something. Too kewl ! 🙂

Anticipated Viewer Feedback: Yeah, that’s nice Amy-wan, but so what? It’s really not that interesting, why are you telling us this?

Well, mainly to remind myself why I really like my job at times,

‘Cause you see …

In the last 9 days,

I’ve had one evidentiary hearing (kicked ass – yay !!),

One criminal jury trial (a tasty Not Guilty verdict, gotta love that when it happens – double yay !), and

A tasteless civil trial win (needs Lawry’s),

Along with all the necessary case review, witness prep and argument prep associated with each matter,

Plus more than a dozen other court appearances of varying magnitude interspersed throughout …

And client appointments and normal litigation case maintenance for existing cases.

All leaving me obtaining even less sleep than I normally get …

Heck, in the last two days alone I’ve been in 8 different courthouses scattered among 6 different counties logging who knows how many miles on my car (thank gawd for my XM radio !)

So tonight, when at 10:00 pm,

I put down the file I was working on for tomorrow and decided to try and get some sleep …

It was nice when,

I was actually able to fall asleep.

That is …

Until 12:15 AM when my pager went off,

Grrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!


I haven’t been able to fall back asleep,

And I’m not particularly liking my job very much at this moment ! 🙂

Oh well, at least I had the opportunity to track down a copy of Heartbeat, It’s a Lovebeat. (No, I have no idea either why that request from the past popped into my head at 2:00 AM on a Thursday morning, sometimes my mind just does its own thing ! :))

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  1. sorry,
    i keep thinking,
    “serious millie hiding thursday”

    but, hey,
    i liked the court thing–
    i mean,
    you can find something that doesn’t make sense,
    and you’re right…
    makes sense to me…

  2. I knew you liked Sirius Robin … about my only complaint with XM is when I’m downtown, I lose my signal if I’m in between taller buildings.

    I don’t think you can go wrong either way … satellite radio rocks ! 🙂

  3. SO THATS why you didn’t let on that you and Laura were coming to the NYC area in September! You’ve been busy making hay!

    Love ya babe!


  4. Hey Amy-wan,
    when’s ya gonna be done wif all dis attourney work? I thought you had a little appointment in Chi-town with a certain Doc Z?

    We break in to your programming to bring you this news bulletin:

    I have Sirius Sat Radio, and have it hooked in the house stereo right now, but I’m about to load the mobile equipment into Candy (the name of our van, it’s Candy Apple Red). It rocks using it in the house, so I know it’s reeeeeaaaly gonna rock in the van! I’m going out tomorrow to buy the boombox option, too. Our main station is Air America Radio, the liberal channel. Love listening to Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, and Janeane Garofalo. Aniya loves to listen to Old Time Radio, and there’s a channel for that. And now we can listen wherever we are, no matter how far from home, we never need to find a good station. It’s always there (except in long tunnels or deep ravines, sometimes). Out here in the West, it’s much farther between towns and cities, something you aren’t used to in the Midwest or the East. So, although it’s a different company, Sattelite Radio rocks!!

    Now, back to your normal broadcast programming.

  5. Ah, you should try being a singing teacher. Constant missed appointments and cancellations 🙁 I do not know what kind of madness prompted me to pursue music as a career and not the law. On the other hand, I suppose I don’t have to deal with crims day-in, day-out…

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