Statistically Speaking


I was in a court I don’t frequent often,

So I really don’t know the locals,

But I do like practicing in this court,


Though in my latest foray there,

I got a bit of a surprise,

‘Cause ya see,

I’m pretty sure …

I wasn’t the only attorney there with a Function.

Now I can’t say for certain this is the case …

As it’s not like it came up in conversation,

And we really didn’t get a chance to exchange …

The hand sign us here transsexuals share with one another as a secret means of identificatioooon.

But still,


Prosecuting Attorney,

Defense Attorney,

Defense Attorney.

Half of them with Function.

What are the odds?


Probably explains the whole …

It’s no big deal, been there, done that

Reactiooooon I got from them …

When I was previously trying to work out the whole name change thing.

Editor’s Note: I’ve flipped flopped on posting this particular post. I almost feel like I’m outing someone, though I can’t fathom a way where anyone could figure out of whom I’m referring. And it’s not really outing, as this person is much more open about her life than I am. (Whatever !) Anyways, I’m not sure how long I’ll leave this post up. I just thought it was incredibly unlikely that such a thing would happen and felt that it was worthy of sharing that it could.


You know how sometimes you do things so routine,

By such habit,

That every now and then the question sneaks up on you whether or not you did it at all?

I was driving into the office the other day …

And half-way there into my head pops the question,

Did I put on my make-up today?

For the luv of gawd …

I couldn’t remember actually going through the motions of doing the make-up thing.

Now it turns out,

I did,

So the world was spared a frightful sight.

But later on that same day,

I also remembered that …

It was my 2 year anniversary of having my ffs.

Breathless wow.

That life seems so long ago,

So far away,

Such that something as simple as getting ready in the morning chica feels like I’ve done it my entire life,

And do by habit with barely a thought.

But when I step back,

And think …

It is really not that long ago.

Not at all.

It is,


A totally different life.