Friday Five for December 19, 2003

I’m not a big fan of Friday Five questions where we just have to “list” things … feels like there is a subtle suggestion there to be brief … just list the answers and get on with it … heh … oh well, I understand the intent, let’s see how I comply with responding to these five questions calling for responses of five …

1. List your five favorite beverages.

Hmmmm … that’s pretty easy. I’m a HUGE java fan … I love the bean. Coffee is number 1. I drink several cups a day … mmmmm … goooood. Second would be water, I drink about 4 liters of aqua daily … in 1/2 liter bottles of Ice Mountain. Third would be orange juice, I don’t drink it often because of the whole potassium thing, but I do like it. Fourth would be beer, my personal preference being Anheuser Busch products (also the product of choice of Sister and Miss Daisy), though from many more years of hanging out with Singer and Hottie and snarfing an occasiooonal free beer out of their pitchers, I’ve acquired a taste for Coors Light too. Fifth is Dr. Pepper, it’s the best ! Gawd, you know, these questioons seem really familiar … feels like I’ve answered them before.

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Friday Five for December 12, 2003

I don’t think there was a Friday Five last week. If there was, I didn’t answer it. (Editor’s discretion, if it sucks, I’m just not going to do it. Whoa, you know, that statement could be taken in a very sexual way … but it doesn’t apply to me … if I suck, you better do me … it’s a two way street sweetie … if I give, you give. Yeah, and it’s me saying krap like that which I think is funny at the time that makes me so uncomfortable with Mom and Dad visiting my website. Oh well, sorry Mom, sorry Dad. Hi !!! *big smile* You’re just here for the pictures, remember !! Stop reading this stuff now !! 馃檪 Besides, really, I’m not easy, I’m just a tease. I’m saving myself … you know, until I actually have the equipment !!! :))

1. Do you enjoy the cold weather and snow for the holidays?

Yuhp, but I only want it for the period of time immediately surrounding the holidays. I like the Christmas and New Year’s holidays to be all snowy. Lots of snow, Christmas lights and ornaments … you know the look. It can start snowing really bad on December 15 and then must all melt on January 5. Cold is good too. Really cold. So you have to bundle up when going outside and a fire in the fireplace at home is so toasty. Snuggling with someone works well also. Unfortunately, my snow and cold expectations are an Amy Rule that nature seems to completely disregard. Here in Michigan, USA … it’s not uncommon for us to get little snow in December and then get dumped on in mid-late January through mid-March. Whatever Mother Nature.

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Friday Five for October 31, 2003

There weren’t any Friday Five questions last week … and the one’s the week before were re-runs … but this week’s are new, real questions … so here we go … 馃檪

1. What was your first Halloween costume?

How would I know ?!?! I was like … what? … April, May, June, July, August, September, October … a little more than 7 months old … I don’t remember a thing except … food … sleep … food … sleep … why in the heck do I look like a pumpkin … food … sleep. Hmmm, maybe I went as a pumpkin. 馃檪

2. What was your best costume and why?

Well … first of all … let’s talk costume essentials … there are two important requirements that a costume must meet:

One, it cannot impede your drinking ability. That’s why full-faced masks are usually not good. Because face it, you just look like a butt if you’re drinking beer through a straw. And,

Two, it cannot impede your ability to go to the bathroom. Because if requirement No. 1 is met and you do imbibe, you’ll appreciate the wisdom of requirement No. 2. This eliminates many elaborate costumes involving cardboard boxes, balloons, construction paper and the like.

Basically … you just need clothes of some sort, do something with your hair or maybe some make-up. Personally, I like topical costumes … something that makes some sense in light of current events …

All that being said … I really don’t think I’ve had a “best” costume … they all just served a purpose at a time … I used to do Luke Skywalker all the time, oh yeah, and I wore the costume for Halloween a few times too … whatever :P. I was the Old Spice Sailor dude for few times too … that really was probably my most “productive” costume, dig? … I did a pretty good Phil Donahue … “Is the caller there?” … Bill Clinton was a wealth of material for me … and I’ve always liked my Cereal Killer costume where I attached a bunch of those little single serve boxes of cereal to myself and stabbed each with a plastic knife.

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